Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Estée Lauder Pure Colour Long Lasting Lipstick in Candy Shimmer

When buying my Double Wear foundation, I was offered a free gift with purchase. The gift was a purple makeup bag with a bunch of goodies inside. I've been loving testing everything out and discovering new products. The first of these products is this Estée Lauder Pure Colour Long Lasting Lipstick in Candy Shimmer.

The packaging is pretty classic for Estée Lauder. The blue tube with gold detail are the signature colours for the brand. I believe that this is just the packaging for the free gift and the actually product itself is in a much nicer casing. It's a shame that they change the packaging for the gift but when it's free you can't really complain.

The colour isn't necessarily one I would have picked myself, but considering I didn't have a choice it's not too bad. I don't generally like shimmer formulations as they remind me a lot of the pearlescent lipsticks. I'm more of a creme or matte girl myself.

The formulation of the lipstick is incredibly soft - arguably the softest lipstick I own. Having said that, it doesn't wear off too easily which is often a problem with products of this formulation.

The dark pink colour with a slight hint of raspberry doesn't really suit me very much. The shimmer which looks slightly silvery doesn't really compliment my fair skin tone either. Personally this lipstick isn't my cup of tea but it's been nice to test out the formulation as I've found that it's very comfortable to wear.

I'm not blown away by this one in particular but I think it's ok. For the price I would rather stick to Mac or YSL for now as I feel like I prefer those. Having said this, I'm sure I will purchase another Estée Lauder Lipstick in the future - Solar Crush or Scarlet Siren perhaps.

Have you tried Estée Lauder Lipsticks? What is your opinion on them?

Estée Lauder Pure Colour Candy Shimmer Lipstick - £20 from Estée Lauder


  1. It's a shame this didn't work for you! The lip swatch is beautiful. It's not something I would usually like either.


    1. It looks nicer in the picture but I really don't feel that it suits me. I'm not one for shimmer and the tone is a little bit weird for me. I own a few berry lipsticks already that I like which I showed in my Lipstick Collection Youtube video but this one just didn't seem to work out. Interested to try some others though! xxo

  2. I think it looks nice next to your skin tone, but that shimmery sheen is kind of weird. The formula sounds like a dream, but it's too bad you don't like this shade.

    1. Yeah the shimmer isn't my cup of tea. I like creme colours but this looks a little metallic. xxo


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