Saturday, 13 July 2013

Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation

After months of admiring this foundation on other people's blogs, I finally took the plunge and went out to get colour matched.

I'm not really a liquid foundation kind of girl. I find that liquid can sometimes make my skin look even more oily than it already is. That's why I have been a loyal user of my Mac Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation for years now. It gives you amazing, buildable coverage, looks like a second layer of skin, absorbs the oils during the day to help keep your face looking matte and is a general joy to use. The reason why I then went out to investigate this foundation was because so many oily-skinned girls like myself rave about it and love it. It's meant to last forever, stay matte and give amazing coverage. That's just about everything that I could want from a foundation so I was more than inclined to give it a go.

It took me forever to go and get coloured matched though. I had been wanting to for a while but I always get really nervous when I go to a counter. I don't know why. I just don't like the thought of them taking off my makeup there and then in the store. It makes me feel a little uncomfortable which isn't ideal but oh well. I 'manned up' shall we say, and got myself down to the nearest counter with the boyfriend in toe. 

The lady was very helpful and matched me very quickly. It turns out that I'm the colour Shell, which is one of the colours that they have recently bought back by popular demand. I'm thrilled that they did because it matches my skin tone flawlessly and I simply couldn't be more pleased. I asked for a sample initially and then headed out to get a bottle at a later date. Having said this, the 4ml sample has lasted me around a month which is extremely impressive so I would definitely recommend picking one up!

I absolutely adore the packaging. It looks so classy and elegant. The frosted glass and gold detailing look so pretty if you were to have the foundation sitting on a vanity. I tend to keep mine in my makeup bag, but the little details don't go unnoticed. 

One issue I have with the packaging is that it doesn't have a pump. Pouring out the foundation often means that you end up with way to much product and end up wasting quite a bit. This does not appeal. However I do believe that the Mac foundation pumps fit the Estée Lauder bottle quite well. Therefore I will probably invest in some of them in the near feature.

The fact that it has some SPF coverage was a nice factor as I always worry about being protected from the sun. Unfortunately this means that the foundation can come across a bit white in photos but I'd still rather be protected.

This is what it looks like on my skin. It doesn't look cakey at all but it still covers a multitude of sins. It's a 'my skin but better' product which I can't seem to live without now.

I buff the foundation in with my Sigma F80 brush and it blends flawlessly. Having said this, I'm itching to try it with the Expert Face Brush by Real Techniques as I feel that it might be even better than the Sigma I already have.

I do pop a bit of powder on my t-zone to give myself a little extra coverage and help to keep it matte. However if I'm honest with you, you really don't need this step. The foundation is extremely matte on it's own.

It really does stay throughout the day. I have no issues with my makeup moving around my face or smudging. Everything always looks like how I left it in the morning. Sometimes I can get a little shiny but I just go ahead and blot with my Mac Blot Films and it clears the issue right up.

My only concern is wearing this product in the hot summer heat. I definitely feels like it's wet and running off my face when the weather gets a little hotter. This is a little uncomfortable so I think I may stick to my Mac powder or a BB cream for days when things are a bit sticky.

Over all I would definitely recommend this liquid foundation to oily-skinned girls, and that's a lot coming from a girl who doesn't tend to boast about liquids that often. It really is a star product and I will be using it for many years to come.

Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation - £28.50 from Debenhams


  1. I just got this recently as well. I've heard SO many good things, and my friend was raving about it, so I had to go get it. It's my first "luxe" product, and I'm so proud, haha. I can't wait to do my post on it! It looks really lovely on your skin, but I think you have good skin to begin with ;).

    1. I really like it so hopefully you'll get on with it really well. Thanks but I definitely don't. It's a great testimony to the foundation though! :) xxo

  2. Wow, your skin looks flawless indeed x


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