Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Cargo Water Resistant Blush in Bali

I've known about Cargo Cosmetics for a while now but only recently have I started to test them out. My first experience was with the Sahara lipgloss which I fell in love with. This was followed swiftly by Rome blush which I really enjoyed too. But after being tweeted by Cargo Cosmetics, telling me that I NEED to try out their Water Resistant Blush next, there really was no going back. I've always enjoyed blush more than other cosmetic products and therefore have really discovered what I like from a blush product and what I prefer to avoid.

I can safely say that Cargo Blush in Bali* has jumped right to the top of my blush favourites list and you need this in your life right now. Trust me on this one.

Bali is a really soft pink shade with a perfect glow. You can see from my swatch above that light just seems to shine from the blush. It is the craziest thing but when I wear this, I just feel happy and healthy and really glowing.

I've always been one to lean towards the soft pink blushes so Cargo really did trip me up with this one. I've bought Mac's Well Dressed, Pink Tea, Stunner, Legendary.. the list goes on, but none of them seem to compete with this blush. It is on a whole new level of pretty. Can you tell how much I love it yet?

I suck quite extraordinarily at capturing pictures of me wearing blush. This seemed to be the best I could do. But I hope that you can tell how much my skin is glowing through the sightly overexposed mobile snap. The soft pink really does give my cheeks a perfect natural flush.

And if you aren't sold already, let me tell you that this blush goes a longgggg way. All you need to do is tap your brush in the product - none of this swirling business that I have to do with my beloved Mac blushes. You instantly get so much colour payoff from the smallest about of Bali - it's truly amazing. Because this is a high-end product, it definitely has a payday price tag but I would get it without batting and eyelash. I wouldn't even think twice.

With regards to the water resistance, it's hard for me to tell. I don't really have a pool to jump into and test this for you. The shower doesn't really seem to be a fair test as I wouldn't expect any make to withstand a heavy shower. What I should note is that it's really not difficult to remove with makeup remover. I use my Taaj Micellar Water and it comes off in one sweep - no issues. This is definitely a plus as you don't want to be rubbing vigorously at your skin just to remove some product - wrinkle no-no! If you have managed to test the water resistance claim, please do leave a comment below letting me know what you think. Until then, I will leave you with one final note - I would buy this regardless of whether it's water resistant or not, and if it turns out to be water-proof too, that's just a bonus.

Cargo Water Resistant Blush in Bali - £19 from BeautyBay


  1. I really do like the look of these, the packaging in itself is gorgeous. The colour payoff to me looks really nice, you have chosen a lovely colour.

    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

    1. The packaging on this one is a little annoying though. Lid keeps getting stuck on haha. No problem with my other packaging though :) It's simply the best blush i've come across since Mac xxo


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