Saturday, 20 July 2013

Bloggers Love.. Itsie Bitsie Event London at Number One Penthouse

View from the Penthouse

Earlier this week I managed to attend my first 'Bloggers Love' event held at Number One Penthouse in Leicester Square. Itsie Bitsie was the first fashion event I had been to, as the other ones had generally been beauty related. Therefore I was really excited to watch the fashion show and generally be introduced to the brand.

Many of you may not have heard of Itsie Bitsie before as they are primary based in Hong Kong. However the founder and designer, Cristina Wilkinson, has bought the swimwear range to the UK with their first UK based fashion show.

She describes and Itsie Bitsie woman as 'beautiful, stylish and chic. A woman who appreciates high quality products at affordable prices.'

I don't think I chose the most appropriate place to sit for taking photos of the show. I was sat just by the entrance to the changing rooms and therefore had to try and grab photos of the models as they were leaving and returning the room - rookie error. However I did manage to get some half-decent shots of the new ranges that were on show, which you can see below.

I absolutely loved the blonde model. She really worked it and was wearing Louboutins! My favourite bikini's of the evening were the black one on the far left and the blue one on the far right. They are really simple and timeless and have my name written all over them.

Unfortunately I don't think that the whole collection was showcased to us on the evening. Therefore I thought I might show you what else I like from the collection as well.

You can see that they are all pretty similar in style. I really like the far right the most. I think that the mix of purple, pink and blue look really pretty together and can imagine it looking great with a tan.

As the evening drew to a finish I went to have a look in my goodie bag. I found a lovely brown and turquoise Sarong, some Kleenex Shine Absorbing Sheets which have been a favourite of mine for a while now, along with some other promotional bits and pieces which you can see below.

It was an interesting evening and my first insight into a fashion event. I'm looking certainly forward to more in the future - and perhaps selecting my seat a little more carefully. A huge thank you to my friend Becky who helped me capture the evening with photographs!

If you would like to check out more from Itsie Bitsie head over to their website where you can view their full range of clothing.

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