Sunday, 16 June 2013

No7 BB Lips in Berry Rose

I picked this up a while back with a No7 voucher. I thought now would be the perfect time to review it as the vouchers are available again. I've heard a few things about these BB Lips products but I wouldn't say the blogging world have gone crazy about them. Personally I'm not too sure why more people haven't picked them up. They're a lovely little product, and with the voucher they are reasonably priced too.

No7 claim that the BB Lips range gives you three benefits - beautiful colour, soothing nourishment and UV protection. I agree with these statements to an extent. I do like the colour payoff when I first apply this product. However it shortly starts to dwindle and I end up with a far less vibrant colour after about 10 minutes. Having said this, it's extremely comfortable to wear and isn't sticky which is a huge bonus. It also does have SPF15 in it which is a nice touch and I find that it's a simple product to wear. It's fuss free colour for a fuss-free kind of gal like me. (My boyfriend is going to completely disagree with that fuss-free statement. I can feel it now!)

It comes out of this angled applicator which I thought I wouldn't mind but it turns out that I hate. It's impossible to apply this neatly without putting some serious effort it. I wish that they had put a sponge or brush on the end to make it slightly easier to apply. I tend to put a little on my baby finger (as I don't have a lip brush) and apply it that way. It works for me but I hate getting product all over my hands. No thanks!

This is the colour I get from Berry Rose - not as dark as you might imagine, but I absolutely love it. I love this product in general, though it may seem like I've had a bit of a moan about certain aspects. The truth of the matter is, No7 have a really nice lip balm/gloss here. It just needs a few application tweaks to make it perfect.

I'm not really a gloss girl at heart but this gives me shine and colour without any sticky residue. No, it doesn't last all day but would you really expect it too? If it wasn't so hard to apply, i'd be more than happy to whip this out of my bag at a moments notice. Even with my application complaints, I still adore this product and will be using it in the months to come. I might even treat myself to another colour since I have another voucher winking at me in my purse.

Have you tried the No7 BB Lips?! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

No7 BB Lips in Berry Rose - £8.50 from Boots without voucher


  1. I quite like these too, they're nice and simple with a wash of colour. I do agree that they don't last very long though.

    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

    1. Yup definitely. Fuss free and really comfortable. xxo

  2. Nice review! Everything is turning BB or CC these days. I'm not a great fan of lipgloss either, but if this is like a nourishing, non-sticky lip colour I'm definitely using my voucher on it. :)

    Olivia xxx
    Missyi's World of Beauty...


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