Saturday, 22 June 2013

My D&G Sunnies!

The sunshine seems to have disappeared from Britain's skies again. I swear that we won't actually be getting any summer this year, which sucks because winter was so glum! Either way, I managed to dash out into the garden during the short spell of warmth so that I could share with you my new sunnies from ShadeStation.

These are the Dolce and Gabbana 4171P Havana* sunglasses which I have been drooling over for a while now. I've always struggled to find sunglasses that really suit me or ones I really like but these ones are perfect. Because I've been wearing glasses pretty much all my life, I was worried about a few key things like the frames being too wide for my face or the plastic rubbing behind my ears and making them sore. Neither of these problems were an issue though, which just makes me love these sunglasses even more. 

They come in two different shades - Havana, which is the brown mottled tortoise style version, or a Grey Marble, which is more of a mottled black and clear frame. I picked Havana because I thought it would go nicely with my hair colour.

The one trouble I have with picking sunglasses is that I have such a small face. I also have quite puffy cheeks, so sometimes if I'm wearing bigger frames and smile, my cheeks hit the bottom of the frames which can be uncomfortable. However, I have found that the shape of these are perfect. They are slightly wider and shorter which lifts them up, but they still keep a nice rounded shape.

The lens is graduated brown and is described as number 3 on the ShadeStation website. This means that they are suitable for really strong sunlight or even light that's reflected off water. I like their grading system as you can really understand how well protected you are.

These glasses are also covered by a 1 year guarantee which I believe comes standard with any D&G sunglasses. Winner.

What sunglasses do you like at the moment? Let me know in the comments below.
Oh and here are some cute pictures of the flowers in my garden, just because :)

D&G 4171P Havana Sunglasses - £112.05 from Shadestation

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