Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Lee Stafford Hold Tight Hairspray

As you may know, I have been testing out a few Lee Stafford products recently which my boyfriend picked up for me a while back. I've fallen in love with some of the items such as Shine Serum, and other's i've not been so bowled over by, such as the Miracle Shine Spray. So today I'm reviewing the Hold Tight Hairspray with Firm Hold.

I'm not really a hairspray kind of gal. I rarely wear it as I don't like the crispy feeling you often get from similar products. I like my locks to be very loose and free to ruffle up during the day, but a product like this often prevents any movement and can be very restricting. I also don't like that you can't comb it out very well and in my eyes it feels like it needs an immediate wash straight after. Therefore you can imagine that I was heading into this testing with a skeptical mind already. However, all my original stereotypical thoughts were blow out of the water!

This spray creates a really fine mist that covers the hair evenly and beautifully. If you spray it a distance away from your hair, it prevents any crispy pieces which have stuck together. It feels really fine and light weight in my hair whilst also looking really natural. I hate when hair looks quite structured and doesn't move in the wind. This product lets your hair move whilst still creating some fabulous hold.

As I'm not a major hairspray person, I tend to use this product on my sweep side fringe. It helps to keep the hair in place and controls my baby fly-away hairs that are just coming through.

It brushes out like a dream. You literally can't tell that you've applied it in the first place - a major selling point for me. I hate the thick, gritty feeling you can get from brushing out other hairspray products. Hold Tight leaves your hair feeling exactly the same as it was before you applied it. This means I'm completely happy about using it in my hair straight after i've washed it. That's a complete transformation for me. Normally I fear that it will need washing the next day which is actually really drying and bad for your locks.

In a nutshell, I completely recommend it. It holds my thick hair in place without any trouble. You can't ask for much more than that surely? :)

If you have any great hair spray recommendations, please leave them in the comments below for other readers and myself to check out!

Lee Stafford Hold Tight Hairspray - £5.49 for 250ml from Boots.


  1. I like hairsprays that brush out easily, nothing worse than rough matted hair! Sounds like a little gem!

    Megan xxx

    1. Exactly. Otherwise I feel like I haven't washed my hair in weeks if I use a hairspray! xxo


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