Wednesday, 19 June 2013

HD Brows Bronzer 2

Welcome to HD Brows - The Bronzer*. Didn't know they did bronzer? Neither did I until they sent me a press release a few weeks back now. They do a blush too, which is completely stunning and the perfect shade for every skin tone. But enough of that! You're here to read about this beautiful HD Bronzer and my word is it beautiful.

Released for Spring/Summer '13, this bronzer is encased in the classic HD Brows packaging. The glossy square box echos my HD Brows palette which I love so dearly. The only issue is that they both look exactly the same in my bulging makeup bag.

Mine came with some film and a white sheet on the front. As I peeled off this layer, which I assumed was to prevent scratches, I realised that the white sheet was stuck to the logo. This was rather bizarre but I'm sure you'll be relieved to know that I got removed it without completely destroying the front of my packaging. Phew!

On all accounts, it reminds me of my brows palette - bar one. When you open up the bronzer you reveal a pan of product which is protected by a clear plastic plate, that lifts up to reveal the most perfect bronzing powder.

You may have noticed that you also receive a sponge for application, though I tend to just lean for my Mac 168 Contour Brush.

I really appreciate the plastic cover as it prevents the mirror from getting dirty and separates the sponge from the pan. This is nice for hygiene reasons, if you are going to use the sponge to apply product. But it aids the general use of the product as I find that powder products always smother the mirror and end up impossible to look into.

I'm a blogger who always struggles to get a good picture of a blusher or bronzer, as I find it looks perfect on the cheek but never dark enough to show up in photos oddly enough. But I hope that you can see from the picture above that I use this product to contour my face. You might further notice that it blends beautifully with my reasonably fair complexion. I repeat, it is a lot darker in person but I assure you that the colour is absolutely perfect for paler girls like myself.

The shade is not too dark or too muddy or too orange. It's just perfect really, and that's the only way to describe it. It really is HD in my eyes. What I mean by that, is that the powder is so finely milled that it applies almost like a second skin. It blends flawlessly into your complexion so that you are left looking like you have no powder on at all and it's just your bronzed skin. Amazing right? It's not shimmery but it leaves your skin with a subtle lit-from-within glow that I'm absolutely loving right now.

As it is slightly more expensive, I would like to note that the pan of product you get is a reasonable size and it's a high quality product. Therefore I think that it's worth it as I find it hard to come across bronzers which I really get on with. If you are looking for a slightly cheaper version, Make Believe do a lovely bronzer for around £15 which also comes with a kabuki brush - win! But if you're looking for a splurge, this is the one to go for.

Have you tried out HD's Bronzer? What's the best bronzer you've discovered?

HD Brows Bronzer - £19.96 from Nouveau Beauty Group


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