Sunday, 30 June 2013

HD Brows Blusher 2

You already know my thoughts on the HD Bronzer that came out with this lovely Blusher*. I have fallen in love with it and use it every day. My love for this blush isn't quite the same but I still think it's amazing quality and would be perfect for a lot of other people.

As you can see, the packaging is pretty much the same as the HD Bronzer. I like that it's really simple, clean and classic. The only downside would be that I have a hell of a lot of plain black packaging in my makeup bag now. It's getting a little hard to tell what is what! Haha.

I think that the plastic cover for the powder is an amazing idea. This is one of the best parts of the product and is a real selling point for me (does that make me weird?). On the other hand I don't use the sponge, nor can I see myself using a sponge too touch up my blush during the day, so this feels a bit unnescessary. However I can use it for other products that I might want too touch up as it is a perfectly good sponge so I'm sure it'll come to good use.

The blush is a lovely burnt rose colour with a slight bit of shimmer too it. I definitely don't have another blush that is quite the same as this one, nor as pigmented! I think that might be one of the reason why I don't get on with it though. I apply this with my Real Techniques Blush Brush, but even when I dab my brush in the product to get the smallest amount, it always ends up being too much and I look like i've been slapped around the face rather than lightly flushed.

I would definitely recommend using a light hand when applying this too your cheeks, regardless what skin tone you are. However, I do feel that if you have a darker skin tone, you will be more likely to pull this off. After all it truly is a beautiful colour but it's just a little too much for me. I'm going to play around with using a few different brushes to see if there is another way to get around the heavy cheeked look.

One huge bonus to this product is that you barely need to use any to get some great colour. That means that it will last you a lot longer than you're other blushes. When you spend a lot of money on a high end product, you generally want that to be the case and this definitely lives up to expectations.

Have you tried this blush, or indeed my beloved HD Bronzer? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Stay tuned to the blog because in the next couple of days I reveal my new favourite blush!

HD Brows Blusher 2 - £17.95 from Nouveau Beauty Group

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