Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Cargo Powder Blush in Rome

After loving my Cargo Lip Gloss in Sahara so much, it really was my duty to try out some more of their products to find out if they matched up. Naturally I gravitated towards the blushers next. If I had to pick a product other than foundation and concealer, blush would be my absolute favourite beauty product to buy - followed swiftly by mascara. I just love the stuff!

So, with that being said, the first blush I'm trying from Cargo is one of their normal powder blushes called Rome*. I'm currently testing their water-proof formula as well but we shall save that for another day.

All of their blushes come in silver tins. I find this really unique and in turn makes the product stand out to me. I like it's simplicity. However I do feel that they could jazz up the simple silver/gold box that the blush comes in, as this would be the first thing that you see.

Rome (described as tangerine on Cargo's website) is a beautiful mix of peach and coral with some fine gold shimmer. It's quite a buildable colour which I really like. You can have sheer coverage for those days when you don't want to look too made up. Alternatively you can go all out for a gorgeous coral glow with your summer tan.

Generally you need to put on more blush than usual for it to show up in photos. However I still couldn't get any great swatches to show you. I assure you that the colour is a lot more vibrant in person than it is in the pictures!

Rome is really wearable and flattering. It looks amazing mixed in with some of my Make Believe Enhance Bronzer too, which confirms my belief that it would look beautiful with a tan.

Some corals can look too overpowering when you have very fair skin like mine. However this blush seems to be the perfect happy medium and a really nice colour to start my collection with.

The powder is really soft and finely milled. I noticed that if I swirled my brush too much in the pan, it would pick up a lot of product and leave a considerable amount of fall out in the pot. I don't notice this when I'm using other brands such as my Mac Powder Blushes so I feel that this is definitely a quality to note. I avoid this problem by dabbing my powder brush rather than swirling it around which still picks up ample amount of product.

I'm definitely interested in trying out some more of their blushes. However I do find that they are slightly overpriced. I know that you get a lot of product for your money but still... They're an extra £1.50 more than Mac Blushes! The quality of the product is undeniably brilliant but I'm still concerned by the steep price tag. But when pay day comes.... don't we all deserve a treat?!

What's your favourite Cargo product? What should I try next? Let me know in the comments below.

Cargo Blush in Rome - £19 from BeautyBay


  1. That is a lovely shade. I bet it would give a great boost of warmth to the face.

    1. That it is. Gives your cheeks a lovely glow xxo


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