Monday, 3 June 2013

Cargo Lip Gloss in Sahara

I've never really been one for lip glosses. I just find them to be a bit of a pain. Your hair always sticks to them, they smudge and you end up with a sticky face and 9 times out of 10 they don't taste good when you accidentally lick your lips. These are all reasons why I like to stick to my trusty, moisturising lip balms and butters. But I have even ventured out into lipstick recently and have been loving the formulation of those too. They used to be so drying but I guess time has moved on since my first experience with a lipstick. There seems to be a better selection of colours now and they are a lot more comfortable to wear.

Therefore if I like lipsticks, there's all the reasons in the world for me to try another lip gloss. Especially when it's such a gorgeous colour and from a brand i've been wanting to test out for a while now.

This is Cargo's Lip Gloss in Sahara*. It's a peachy colour with some golden shimmer in it, which really catches your eye in the tube. It applies with a flat sponge applicator instead of the slanted, puffy ones or heart shaped ones that most have these days.

The packaging is pretty basic but I like that about this product. I don't want lots of writing all over the tube so I can't tell what colour it is. It's simple and clean which was a selling point from the off - even when I thought I didn't like glosses.

Well it seems like gloss formulations have changed too because I really enjoy wearing this product and think it looks perfect for Spring/Summer. Don't get me wrong, I've tried other glosses recently they make my lips stick together and look all gloopy, but this Cargo gloss seems to have got it all right.

It's smooth on your lips. It's not tacky and doesn't make them stick together as long as your not rubbing your pout together like you would do with a balm. It worked reasonably well with the wind and I had no hair-face issues. The lipgloss does wear off quite quickly and you are left with glittery lips, so I would advise carrying it around to top up with during the day. If you hate the thought of top ups, this product might not be the one for you. It just overall looks really beautiful and I find myself looking at it in the mirror and loving how it works well with my skin tone.

I have yet to try this with my favourite Mac lipstick - Pure Zen. However I have high hopes that they are going to look like a match made in heaven as they are quite similar peachy colours. If you would like to see a picture of the two combined, let me know and I will Instagram a picture.

Are you a lip gloss lover or hater? Discovered any new glosses recently that you think are worth checking out? Please let me know in the comments below.

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