Monday, 6 May 2013

This Month's Marie Claire - Avon Lipstick in Smitten Red


The magazines have been giving away some really lovely beauty pieces recently. This is another method, along with ordering beauty boxes, where I can try out products that I probably wouldn't have picked up before. I'm not overly sure where you can buy Avon. I know that people sell it at home and hold parties but I don't believe you can get it in store? Therefore I probably would have never discovered this otherwise - regardless of the fact that I have been interested in Avon for a while. If you do know of anywhere in store where you can buy Avon, please let me know :)

The packaging of this lipstick is so beautiful and luxurious. The silver mirrored casing looks really pretty and chic but there is a down side. I like everything to look very clean and this packaging seems to hold all your fingerprints which isn't ideal. Leaving that to one side, the lipstick itself is gorgeous and I'm always a sucker for engraving on the actual product itself.

This is a really beautiful shade of red. I think that it has more pink in it but it's still a very vibrant, true shade. It applies like a dream. It feels so creamy and soft on your lips. I wanted to try this out immediately but I didn't have a red lip liner with me. Having had this experience, I would suggest that you use a lip liner with this shade, or any dark shade to help prevent it from seeping out of the lines of your lips. I feel that this lipstick has a problem with bleeding but not something you would notice too much or couldn't get away with.

The staying power is quite lovely. When it starts to wear off after drinking and eating a little it still looks really nice which is something that I look for in a bright lip product. I don't want my lips to end up two completely different colours. This product seems to stain the lips to a certain extent so that you still get a reasonably even finish. However, when you come to remove the product there are no issues. It comes off like a dream and there are no remnants of staining.

I've really enjoyed the quality of this product and feel that with some blotting and reapplying this could be a true lipstick winner. If you love Avon and want to add a red to your collection, Smitten Red (£8.50) is definitely the way to go.

If on the other hand you are simply loving red lipsticks like I am and searching high and low for the perfect formulation and colour, you should definitely go and check this out :)


  1. I got this in Marie Claire to it is really pretty, the eyeliner is really good as well x

    1. I was really interested in the eyebrow pencil but I couldn't tell if they were different colours and didn't want to get one that wouldn't work for me. The eyeliner did look good though! Does it smudge? xxo

  2. I love a red lip, if I'm ever in doubt, I wear red! This is such a stunning shade!
    Megan xxx

    1. I love a good red but I sometimes feel that it's to much to wear out casually for shopping. Do you think so? xxo


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