Saturday, 4 May 2013

Style Icon: Emma Watson

"I'm going to do what I want to do. I'm going to be who I really am. I'm going to figure out what that is" - Emma Watson

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Emma Watson is the perfect style icon for me as the way she dresses is something I really admire. I don't tend to choose one person who's style I want to replicate in every way. I can be inspired by magazines, what's on TV, people on the street, celebrities or simply just finding an item of clothing I really love. However, if I was to pick one person who's style epitomises what I generally like, it would be Emma Watson.

Not only is she really down to earth in interviews and articles that you read and watch, but she has a great sense of style. She creates outfits that look effortless and chic which is something I think we all try to do. I for one can spend ages planning what to wear, but at the end of the day I often want it to look like I spent no time at all and still look fabulous. Although a lot of what she wears is designer (who wouldn't if you can afford it, right?), you could actually recreate a lot of it with high street pieces!

I love that she wears a lot of Monochrome - our Ems does love a good bit of black and white which is a large part of why I love her style. She can rock the smart look (example here) as well as the casual one with just a single coat, but they are always coupled with a snood or scarf. I think that the tartan scarf she wears here (buy a similar one here for £24) is so cute and she looks really put together. 

Another point to mention is that Emma isn't scared to wear the same thing twice. Here we see her wearing the same snood she wore in the smart look I mentioned and she wears her trusty sunnies everywhere! A lot of celebs wouldn't be seen dead in something twice so I find this quality endearing in Emma.  I love how she can work the layers and I actually envy the way she can put textures together so effortlessly to create a brand new look.

When Em goes glam, she likes to do it with block colours. She's not always in black and white you know?! This is another point where I can identify with her. If there is an event or party I am attending and I want to look made up, I often gravitate towards simple plain pieces. They are easy to accessorise and almost always look good! You don't have to worry if the item suits you... though I don't think anyone could look bad in red Valentino! Having said this, I don't know if I could pull off this yellow-lime dress! Props to you Emma Watson - you look stunning!

We all got to know Emma in Harry Potter as a young actress with frizzy hair and a squeaky voice. But as she's grown, we see her express more of the adult lady she's become - a lot of which is visible in her style. From edgy white numbers, to classic little black dresses, she knows how to work it all and look absolutely flawless.

I love your style Emma and I can't wait to see what you wear next :)

Who's attire do you admire? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. you’re tight! she’s such a stylish lady! very classy and chic <3

    1. Isn't she just. Love her classy yet pretty look xxo


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