Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Prep Your Pins For Summer!

It's nearly time to jet off on your summer holidays and reveal those lily-white pins in your gorgeous new Victoria Secret bikini. However, if you're like me and want to prepare your legs for the shock that will be sunlight, I've created a couple of easy steps on how to do so. We start off with a good body scrub to get rid of all the dead skin lingering on the surface. Following this up with a smooth shave and some gorgeous, moisturising shower gel will help to prep your legs for some heavenly moisturising after-treatments.

So, let's get started!

The first stage of project goddess-legs starts in the shower. Here is what I'm using in my shower at the moment to prepare for the summer months:

First I start off with my Etat Pur Exfoliating Shower Body Cream*(£9.20). This looks like brown sugar and golden sand. You squeeze a 5p sized amount onto your hand and start massaging all over your legs in circular motions. It does start to create a thin white cream the more you massage. It feels really gorgeous and smells lovely. This will help to remove all the dead skin cells and make your legs really soft and smooth. I always exfoliate before I shave my legs because if I do it afterwards my legs get really sore, as the shaving has already 'irritated' my legs.

So naturally, the next stage for me would be to go on and shave. I am using some disposable Venus razors at the moment but you can use whatever suits you best. This stage is pretty self explanatory. What I would say is don't forget to do the area around your knee, both front and back. Skipping areas is not a good look!

Finally, I will squirt a little bit of my Rituals Yogi Flow Rose and Sweet Almond Oil Shower Gel (£7) onto the exfoliating side of my white sponge. This creates a gorgeous lather and you really only need a tiny bit of product because it goes a really long way. I like to do this after shaving just give my legs a little bit of a polish. I find that the sponge creates a much more gentle exfoliation so I can get away with doing this after the first two steps. If you prefer not to exfoliate again then you can turn the sponge over and use the softer side. So I scruba-dub-dub my self nice and clean with this heavenly shower gel.

I'm then ready to get out of the shower, pat my legs dry and pick my moisturisers!

At the moment I have been favouring these two little babies.

Birchbox's B Attitude Body Souffle (£24) is a great middle-man between a lotion and a butter. It's a creamy yellow colour which feels light and whipped. It requires more effort to massage in than a lotion as it almost becomes a thin butter once applied to the skin. The results after application are amazing. Using the methods above and adding this Souffle to finish have left my legs feeling baby soft!

St Tropez Gradual Tan Firming Plus (£20.49) is my favourite way to tan at the moment. I always go for lotions as I find that they are easier to apply for a streak-free finish. I also love that this product has firming properties which actually work. I definitely notice a difference after using this lotion. Another plus point is that it doesn't take too long to actually build up a tan. I have very fair skin so I notice colour after 2-3 applications of this which is great.

I would normally choose one or the other when it comes to moisturising my legs post-shower. The St Tropez already includes moisturising properties so you don't have to moisturise seperately beforehand.

At the moment I have been alternating between the two. However, when my holiday is nearing I will definitely switch up my routine to use the St Tropez more often.

I hope that this quick guide helped you and if you have any methods or products you use to prep your pins for summer, please leave them in the comments below!


  1. I really need to try the St Tropez fake tan, it looks amazing! However, does it leave you smelling like fake tan????

    1. It does still have a fake tan smell i'm afraid, like most tans do. But it doesn't linger too, too long xxo


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