Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Model's Own Artstix

Everyone knows about the new nail art range by Revlon. They have been selling like hotcakes in some places and it can be near-on impossible to get your hands on a few of the shades. However, when I was looking for the Revlon version with my friend, I spotted that Model's Own were doing a similar thing too.

I personally hadn't heard much about these but I was very intrigued to try them out. I've heard great things about Model's Own Polishes in the past, and have been wanting the 5 scented pastel shades since they caught my eye across a crowded shop a few week's ago.

The Artstix* are my first ever experience of a Model's Own polish and I can't say that I was actually too thrilled with them. I liked the Jade version above the least. The mint colour was an extremely weird consistency and always applied streaky. Then the next coat never really cover it up properly and the polish just ended up looking gloopy. When I added the Snowflake top coat things just got worse. This polish was stringy and gloopy too. I just felt that I ended up with such a mess on my nails and I didn't even like the effect that much either.

I didn't know if I just got a dodgy one so I decided to give the pink version a go too.

This one I liked a lot more although it still isn't exactly to my taste. The Pastel Pink polish was still extremely streaky but I liked the shade on my skin a lot more than the Jade Stone one. I applied three coats of this, making sure the polish was fully dry before applying another coat or it would just clump up.

I then applied a few coats of the Hot Stuff top coat. I liked all the different colours in this polish and that it was better coverage than the Snowflake version above. However I felt like the achieved look was a little bit childish. I felt like I was going to a school disco or a barbie themed party.

This is no reflection on the polish. It just wasn't my cup of tea. However if I was going to recommend one it would definitely be the pink version as it applied a lot more easily.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar with their Artstix or any other Model's Own polish? I haven't tried any of the other ones, but as I say I have heard great things so it would be interesting for me to know.


  1. Ooh the colours look amazing together, but I'm not a big fan of the models own formula it can defiantly get messy ha love the glittery side though! Lovely review :) x

    1. Thanks hun! Yeah i'm not convinced on the formulation but I'm still intrigued by the scented polishes. I really want to do ice-cream/pastel shades on my nails with each one being different. Loving that look recently xxo


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