Friday, 10 May 2013

Let's Bake: Apple Crumble Loaf!


Oh hey all! I'm back with another addition in my 'Let's Bake' series! Today I want to share with you my Apple Crumble Loaf. I enjoyed the Chocolate Raspberry Brownies so much that I figured I would do another recipe from the BBC Good Food website :) I must admit that both myself and partner in crime (dad) were slightly excited about making this and therefore missed out on some of the photos. I hope you don't mind. I will explain everything we did regardless in the comments below.

So, here we go!


Like last time, I got my 'Jamie's 30-minute-meals' head on and measured everything out first - including the milk I forgot to photograph in the first picture. For all ingredients and measurements, you can click here!

So, we start off part of the way through. Here I have rubbed the flour, butter and mixed spice together to create fine bread crumbs. You are meant to do this in your blender but neither myself nor dad could find where mum had hidden it so I got stuck in. Don't mind the added sugar on top. This was a mistake before dad and I realised we'd taken no pictures whatsoever! Ooops!


And we resume with all of the sugar added, like nothing ever happened! Mix in well and you're ready to start on the apples.


Get peeling first. No one wants the skin in the cake! Yes, there are my amazing peeling skills!

You then need to core the apples and chop them up into pieces. I managed to find a snazzy apple core-er in my draw of magic tricks but you can just do this by cutting the apply in half and removing the core that way.


Then you need to beat the eggs :) Again, check out my amazing beating skills. 

Wait. What did dad do again?.....


Finally, you mix the apples, eggs, milk and raisins into the breadcrumb mixture.


Pop this into a loaf tin with some grease proof paper so that it is easier to remove. A trick to make the paper fit is to screw it up, wet it under a tap and then unfold it gently and place it into the tin. Tip copyrighted by my best friend Becky :P

The last stage which I forgot to photograph was to mix the second set of ingredients (plain flour, butter and sugar) into a breadcrumb with your fingers and sprinkle on top. You can then proceed to pop it into the oven for 50-55 minutes and wait in anticipation whilst your house starts to smell like Apples and Christmas!

And Voila! Here you have your Apple Crumble Loaf. I think if I did it again I would use more Mixed Spice but over all it turned out ok!

Bon Appétit.


  1. It looks great! Never thought about making apple crumble into a bread! Nice recipe. :)

    1. It's more of a cake loaf than bread but it's still scrummy :) I thought it was a bit different which is why I wanted to try it out :) xxo


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