Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Lee Stafford Argan Oil Miracle Shine Spray

I must admit I have ever so slightly been putting off writing this review. I find it really hard to make my mind up with this product as there are some qualities which I love and some which disappoint me a little bit. It breaks my heart because I really want to love this product but I just don't feel that it actually does what it says on the tin. For that reason I probably won't be repurchasing it.

The Lee Stafford Argan Oil Miracle Shine Spray is a lightweight, silicone free mist that claims to smooth and shine your hair. The packaging is really attractive and completely stands out from all the other Lee Stafford products which are just a straight hot pink. The mist nozzle helps prevent a greasy, slippery mess which is a huge bonus for people who can sometimes have a heavy hand.

I've been using this product for a while now and whilst I do think that it makes my hair smooth, I really don't believe it creates much of a shine at all. I know this may sound hard to believe because it does contain oils which you would associate with healthy, shiny hair. But honestly, I just haven't seen any results myself.

The spray itself smells absolutely fantastic. I always love the scent which is left in my hair after i've applied this. If I catch a whiff of it as the wind changes, it reminds me how much I really enjoy using it. My locks always feels luxuriously soft and smooth once this is applied which is another reason why I find it so hard not to love this product. But ultimately it is meant to be a shine spray and I just don't see it myself.

At £9.99 for 200ml it's not really breaking the bank. However if I am going to be spending any money at all, I obviously want it to work. I tested the Lee Stafford Poker Straight Shine Serum earlier this year and it worked a dream. Therefore I would suggest that anyone who wants some serious glossy locks heads for that product instead.


  1. This sounds really good - may have to check it out! Lovely review xx

    1. It's great is you want smooth and sleek. For shine I'd definitely head for the serum :) xxo


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