Sunday, 26 May 2013

Birchbox Review - Make Believe Enhance Sunbeam Bronzer and Brush

I've been loving this bronzer from my May Birchbox.

I find it really hard to match bronzers with my skin tone as I am so fair to start off with. Most look orange, muddy or generally apply too dark and end up looking like i've drawn a line across my face. That was why I was completely bowled over by my Sleek Contour Kit. It contained the first bronzer I had ever come across that flattered my skin and sculpted it naturally. I've sworn by this ever since and only now have I found another product that I feel can really compete with it.

The Makebelieve Enhance Sunbeam Bronzer is a really gorgeous matte bronzer. It comes with a the softest Kabuki ever and a smooth light brown pan of product.

One downfall is how bulky the packaging is. It's at least an inch thick to accommodate the lovely, but slight after-thought, Kabuki and large pan of product which makes it not exactly the most travel friendly piece. I was hoping that you would be able to buy a small compact of the bronzer on it's own but after further research I have realised it is only ever sold with the brush.

Pushing this to one side, the design of the packaging is stunning and looks really luxurious. I've not tried any other Makebelieve products before (although I own their tanning mousse), but so far I'm getting extremely good vibes from the brand.

(Swatch of cheek with Sunbeam Bronzer and Mac Well Dressed Blush)

The bronzer is milled to the finest powder which makes it incredibly easy to blend flawlessly into the skin. It works brilliantly as an over all bronzer or a sculpting powder, which is amazing as it covers all your needs. The brush is beautifully soft and works extremely well with the product. Normally you might find yourself chucking away the inclusive brush but this is definitely a keeper.

Unfortunately it can get bit messy as the powder is extremely fine. I find that if I do anything more than dab my brush into the bronzer, I create a huge cloud of powdery mess. The product ends up all over the beautiful black box and generally looks untidy. However this is hardly a factor which would stop me from purchasing this product again.

I have used it every day since I received it and have completely fallen in love with the beautiful, healthy tan it gives my skin. For around £15 (including the brush every time), it's a brilliant piece to add to your collection and is worth while checking out if you're a general paleface like me and wish to warm up your complexion as we near summer. 

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