Tuesday, 9 April 2013

L'Oreal Paris Glamshine Stain Splash in 101 Lolita


If you're into beauty, there is no doubt that you already know about these Glamshine Stains by L'oreal (£7.99). Everyone in the beauty community has been going wild over them - mostly because they are an amazing dupe for the YSL Glossy Stains. Since YSL and L'Oreal are under the same branch, you would expect that sooner or later some form of dupe would come out. You'd also hope that it was a good one. 

Well... some would say they are and some would say otherwise. Personally I think that there are good and bad points to this product. But if you asked me if I would purchase another one, the answer would be yes!

Firstly lets talk about the packaging. It looks reasonably nice, even though I'm not really a fan of gold. What I find annoying is that it's mirrored. It scratches very easily and holds all of your finger prints so it ends up looking very dirty and messy. 

What I do like is that you can see the colour of the stain without opening the top. Having said that, I will get onto the problem with this later on in the review. Another thing that I do like is the heart-shaped applicator. I've only recently discovered these and I really enjoy them. They're the perfect shape for creating the heart on your top lip.


I bought this colour without too much thought if I'm honest with you. I knew that Lolita was a popular colour so I decided that it would be the one I tried first. If I went back, I probably would of tried Princess first or something similar. However I was pulled in by the beauty hype and am greatful that I was. 

I figured that it looked like a really nice colour from the packaging - a colour that I would pick up myself anyways. Therefore I was more than happy to purchase this one. But as you can see from the picture above, the actually product looks nothing like the colour represented in the packaging. It is a lot more pink/coral compared to the light nude pink you are lead to believe it will be. How this works I have no idea. All I know is that I'm going to be extremely dubious when I go to pick up my next shade.


The first time I applied this I absolutely hated it. I felt that it was really sticky and the wrong colour entirely for me. Having said this, after I got over the initial colour disappointment I actually really warmed too it. I think that this is a stunning colour for Spring and Summer. It's quite a natural shade on my lips which I find pleasing as I don't always like to wear out-there shades. 

It's sticky to apply at first but the longer you wear it the more it melts into a smooth consistency. If you're like me and don't like lip glosses because you hate it when your hair sticks to your face, these might be the lip stains for you. They give you a lovely, glossy finish without being remotely tacky at all.

Over all I feel that this lip stain is an easy, effortless product to wear. I'm really pleased with my choice even though I was initially disgruntled. The main thing is that I would buy another one and that in itself says everything :)


  1. that colour looks gorgeous! been eyeing up these lip products for a while:) great review! xx

    www.themake-upcounter.blogspot.co.uk <--- i've just posted about stress, anxiety & panic attacks and would love if you took a look:)

    1. Thanks :) I've really fallen in love with this product :) I shall check it out :) xxo


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