Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Let's Bake: Chocolate Raspberry Brownies!


Hey all! I know that my blog is based on beauty and fashion. However I had a really busy day in London yesterday and went to the Cosmo Careers Master Class. My train then got cancelled home from Euston and I had to get a completely different train that didn't even take me back to where my car was parked. So long story cut short, I just wanted to relax and bake some brownies today with my dad since he is off work. I thought it would be fun to share this recipe with you as I've loved how it's turned out. Hopefully you don't mind my slightly off-subject blog post today.

I was thinking of doing my first ever video on the Cosmo Careers Master Class, and of course letting you know what I got in my beauty goodie bag. If you think you're interested in that, please let me know  and I will try my best :) But for now, lets get on to baking!


So the first thing I did was got my 'Jamies-30-minute-meals' head on and measured out all the ingredients. I got this recipe from the BBC website so you can check there if you would like measurements..etc.


Stage one was to put the sugar, butter and chocolate in a pan to melt it. I was a bit worried that it was all going to burn at the bottom before the whole mixture had melted but it turned out fine :)


Here's the mixture all melted and treacle-like!


Next you stir in the eggs. I thought these were going to cook in the hot mixture and was really anxious about adding them but again it was fine :) Excuse the messy hob! It can get a little crazy when dad and I bake!

Finally you sieve the flour and cocoa into the pan and mix before adding the raspberries! I forgot to take a picture of the raspberries because I was too excited.

Then you can add them onto a baking tray. I managed to pick up a specific brownie tray from Sainsburry's for £9.99 as I love baking brownies so it worked out really well! 


They're baking! Yay. Leave them alone in the oven for 30mins at 180c fan if you can!


So excited! They're nearly ready.


As I said, I am a huge brownie fan. Therefore I tried to make some in my brownie maker too!

They actually turned out really well....


Until dad had an accident trying to get them out! Haha!

And Voila! Here's one of the brownies from my new brownie tray. It looks absolutely amazing and trust me, it tastes amazing too! I love the look of the bright pink raspberry against the brown chocolate. The middle is almost like a fondant dessert. People on Masterchef take years to perfect this method! I say go buy yourself a brownie tin and make these brownies :)

Anyway's that is all for today guys and gals :) Hope you enjoyed this post and I shall see you tomorrow when fashion and beauty will resume as normal! Byyyeeeee.


  1. These look amazing!! I've just been to sainsburrys and spent a small fortune on snacks.definitely wish I'd baked now.cant beat brownies <3 xxx

    1. They literally taste amazing! loving them :) Bake them next time? :) xxo

  2. Love brownies so much! And the fact sainsburys have a specific tray has made me a tad happy... haha x

    1. Brownies in general make everyone happy :P xxo


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