Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Lee Stafford Poker Straight Shine Serum


Because I have run out of my holy grail KMS Quick Blow Dry Spray, I have been on the hunt for some new hair products to use. I would completely buy the KMS spray again, but being a beauty blogger I like to try out different things. This is when I stumbled across Lee Stafford! My boyfriend got me some of this when he was away on business because he knows how much I love my beauty  - what a gem!

I've not tried anything by Lee Stafford before so this seemed like an amazing product to start my journey with. There's nothing I crave more from my hair than shine. Well, maybe moisture but it generally does quite well on it's own with that one. Therefore high hopes were set for this serum which promises your hair with 'glow with health and sparkle like diamonds'.


All the Lee Stafford packaging is hot pink which is why I confused it with my Phil Smith Argan Oil Transforming Cream from Cosmo this month. This 50ml bottle costs around £7.49 and is one of many products you can buy within the Poker Straight line. My boyfriend picked me up a few other bits and bobs from this series that I will review for you once I've given them a thorough once over!

You can use this serum when you're hair is wet or dry. All you need to do is pump a few pea sized amounts onto your palm and then run the product through your hair when it is damp. Follow this by blow drying and it will melt the serum into your locks and give you amazing mirror shine. You can then apply it once your hair is dry for an extra boost of sparkle. 

What I find great about this product is that if you apply too much when you're hair is dry and it starts to look greasy, all you need to do is waft the hairdryer over your head again and the serum will melt away! Brilliant!

I am really enjoying this product at the moment. It makes my hair silky soft and is great at controlling fly aways! I like my hair to be really glossy and therefore I didn't feel that this product gave me enough shine once I had applied it with wet hair. Having said that, once applied to dry hair it gave me the gorgeous, healthy glow that it promises, which makes me a very happy bunny. It also makes my hair smell yummy!

I would completely recommend this to anyone who is looking for a new shine serum, but doesn't want to pay salon prices.


  1. I'm looking for a new shine serum and this sounds lovely! I really like the smell of lee stafford products. & how much of a cutie is your boyfriend bringing you a beauty themed present?! Definitely a keeper haha xxx

    1. I'm finding that out for myself. They smell gorgeous! I know, he's sort of great but we don't want him going and getting a big head now :P xxo

  2. Does this product help your hair stay straight without using a straightener? I am trying to find a product that does that as i'm trying not to use heat on my hair. x x x

    1. Nah I'm afraid it doesn't, sorry. I can only think of products that will keep your hair straight for longer once you've straightened it and not ones that will make it straight without heat unfortunately. If you find anything, I'd love to hear about it :) xxo


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