Saturday, 13 April 2013

Book Worm #15 - Requiem by Lauren Oliver

The best book series I have come across since secondary school has come to an end. Lauren Oliver does a beautiful job at writing the Delirium series and I for one recommend that every single one of you reads them. Until you do, you will never truly understand what you were missing.

These books are filled with love, fight and truth. Lena's character was endearing in the previous two books, but in Requiem she shows strength and courage as her journey comes to the inevitable conclusion.

Lena has been reunited with Alex, but he's not the same as he once was. Everything's changing. Lena can't even find comfort in knowing her mother is alive. She spent a few precious moments with her without knowing her true idenity.

The fight continues to survive in the wilds but times are tougher than ever. The cured have built up an army and they've invaded the wilds. The wilds from this moment on will never be safe again. It's time for anyone who has ever wanted freedom to start fighting for it.

Lena struggles with her emotions for Julian and Alex. She's especially confused by her resentment against new member, Coral. Where her love lies is something she has to admit to herself. Although that is not the only thing that's testing her. When everyone Lena loves is falling like rocks to the floor around her, who will win and who will live to tell the tale?

The whole time I was reading this book I felt that I was going to be unsatisfied by the ending. Reading reviews prior to the release gave me the impression that it was left open-ended which filled me with dread. I didn't want this book to be a disappointment and I definitely didn't want a lack of closure.

After now reading it, I feel only semi-satisfied with the way it has ended. It hasn't been left too open but I also would have liked more detail in the climax. I felt that this book was the least gripping of the three but it doesn't mean that I didn't enjoy it. The ending picked up more pace but I sort of wish the whole book was as gripping as the first two.

Either way you look at it, Miss Oliver here is talented and I owe her a lot for opening my eyes to a new dimension of imagination. I will probably struggle to find a series I like as much as this one for a long while. The only thing that could fill the void would be if she wrote another epic love story straight away. Little hints... So what do you say Lauren? Pretty please?!


  1. I loved this book but I have to agree with you that I found it quite an unsatisfying ending to such a good trilogy!

    Jesss xo

    1. Ohh! It's so exciting to find someone else who has read them! They really are incredible books! xxo

  2. I am rereading Harry Potter currently at Goblet of Fire but after I finish I will pick this trilogy up.

    1. Yes! Definitely do. I wish I could be a new reader, reading this trilogy again. It was outstanding xxo


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