Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Festival Fancy Dress!

Source: commons.wikimedia.org
I've been really getting into writing about festivals this year. I've only ever been to one and it was a day pass, so I can't say I lived the full festival experience. However what I did notice was that some people really love to go all out and wear some crazy fancy dress outfits. Haha!

This makes me really chuckle when I stumble across them because they look crazy but they're always having such a good time.

I wore a considerable amount of fancy dress during my time at university. However the uni year is coming to a close now and I sometimes miss the joy of designing an outfit that's fit for the occasion. Therefore I thought I would bring a post to you, sharing what I would wear to Glasto if I ever get the chance to go. Hopefully it will give you some ideas on a rocking outfit to wear.

Can you imagine just stumbling out of your tent in a smurf costume at the crack of dawn? I remember seeing picture of my friend doing just that on Facebook and I almost laughed so hard I cried. He recommended looking at this site called Fancy Dress Ball because they had a lot of outfits at reasonable prices (huge benefit when you're a skint student) and there's actually some great stuff on there. I think that's where he bought his smurf outfit as well, so if you're into that sort of thing, you know where to go.

I really hate waiting for parcels, because you just never know when it will arrive and it really blows to miss deliveries as well.. but there's no real way around it when it comes to online shopping. From what I've read though, their delivery seems to be pretty reliable... at least that's what trustpilot says, so it's a go-go! WOW, that sure made me sound like such an old woman.. but there's nothing wrong with getting an informed opinion, is there?

I was thinking I would look better as a hula dancer but then I imagined the crowd at Glasto and the amount of mud - maybe not! However, I thought rocking a 60's fancy dress would look super cute! It would definitely be fitting for the occasion as well. I mean who had more fun than those crazy Woodstock type hippies - and these dress are just rad... (channeling my inner hippie)!

These ones were my favourites! Clicking on the pictures will take you to the outfits. The last one is a bargain at around £16! It's slightly more hippie style and probably my favourite because it's a little more layered and warmer... you know what English weather can be like!

If you're thinking of wearing fancy dress to a festival this year, let me know in the comments below. Also let me know if you want more festival fashion posts! The last one I did was on Coachella Fashion which you can check out here :)

Monday, 29 April 2013

Fearless Brides: Spring/Summer Bridesmaids Competition

Asos Prom Dress In Lace With Elastic Waist - £95
Sarah's Flowers Bridesmaids Artificial Bouquet in Mixed Roses with Gypsophila - £34.45
Bridal Shoe Calicio Wedding Shoe - £55
Debenhams Debut Ivory Satin Bow Applique Clutch Bag - £8
Forever 21 Enamelled Wildflower Studs - £3.15

Total - £195.60

Fearless Brides are holding a blogger competition where you have to create a Spring/Summer bridesmaids outfit for under £200. The prize is a £50 Asos voucher which would come in handy for me right now as my wardrobe really does need some TLC.

I really liked the twist of it being for a wedding but I found it surprisingly hard to do. It made me realise that when my wedding comes around I will be thoroughly indecisive. I suppose at that point I will be thinking about dressing my bridesmaids and therefore it might be a bit easier. For this I just went on how I would dress myself if I could wear anything as bridesmaid.

I really wanted to make sure that I didn't make it too bride-like as no one wants to steal the girl's big day. That's why I thought that the short prom dress would look extremely pretty. Not only is the colour pink very in for this seasons weddings, but it also looks really soft against a wedding dress and would look extremely flattering in photos. It is also the type of dress which you can wear again - definitely a plus if you are going to spend that much.

I decided that the dress would be the most expensive item as it was going to be the staple pop of colour. I know that it is traditional to give the bridesmaids some earrings or a necklace as a keepsake. However I thought that this could be kept separate from my £200 budget. If not, the dress would certainly be a very cute momento. Every time you wore it, you would think of their big day - very sweet. I wanted to budget for the bouquet too as I know that weddings can be super duper expensive so getting the whole outfit and flowers for under £200 is a winner in my eyes!

I searched high and low for these items so I really hope that you like it! If you fancy like giving this a go yourself you better hurry! Closing date is May 2nd at Midday. All rules and whatnot can be found here!

Good luck everyone!

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Lash Fibres Brush-On False Lashes

We are slowly getting through the products I received in my Cosmo Goodie Bag. Today I am here to share with you some brush on fake lashes. To good to be true? Well, maybe...

Lash Fibres' Brush-on False Lashes (£9.95) is a product whereby you apply tiny fibres to your eyelashes in-between two coats of mascara. This is meant to help the fibres bond to your natural lashes and in turn make you look like you have fuller, more luscious flutter.

As you can see, the application is quite simple. You use the mascara wand to brush on the fibres and away you go. I must admit that when I use this product it looks a lot like I'm brushing fluff onto my hairs rather than actual lashes. It's an odd look really. I can't help but think that there are already mascaras out there with fibres in them that do this job in one step instead of splitting it into two. However if the look is more dramatic with this product, I am all for it.

Here are my lashes with one coat of Revlon Photoready Mascara.

You are meant to brush the fibres down on top of your lashes as the next step. I soon realised that this was completely ruining the curl I had just put in them with my eyelash curler. Very annoying. After trying the fibres various different ways I was under the conclusion that you need to apply the fibres just like you would a mascara - wiggling the brush down over your lashes instead of up through them to try and catch as many fibres as you can.

And voila, this is what my lashes looked like afterwards. I'm not so sure that they look much fuller. I would say that the fibres do make some difference and I would use the product up but I wouldn't necessarily repurchase it. I can't help but think that my lashes only look more voluminous because I applied two coats of mascara and this would happen with or without the extra fibres. What do you think?

Have you tried this product yourself? Do you think it's worth spending the extra money and separating the fibre step instead of buying a mascara with fibres already in it? Let me know in the comments below.

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Umberto Giannini Frizzi 3 Day Frizz Free Hair Extreme Taming Spray

If you watched my Cosmo Masterclass YouTube video, you will know that I received this in my goodie bag on the day. I absolutely love trying out new hair products - even more so now that I have run out of my trusty KMS Quick Blow Dry Spray. I have found some awesome alternative products to use in the meantime such as Phil Smith Argan Oil Hair Cream from this month's Cosmo but there's no harm in finding another is there?

Well, one thing is for sure, I definitely haven't found one here with this product.

Now don't get me wrong, you know that I do like my Umberto Giannini products. I wrote a rave review of my Backcomb in a Bottle a while back now which is why I was so excited to try another product from the line. I absolutely adore the packaging and even though I thought that the cardboard box was unnecessary, I appreciated the thought. The spray nozzle is brilliant as it makes it so much easier to apply the product and I really liked that it is a bit different to the standard pump.

This product initially reminded me a lot of the John Frieda 3 Day Straight as this claimed to keep your hair 'frizz free for three days'. However, after using this I can report that it is not even remotely similar and I will not be using it again. Let me explain...

All you need to do is apply this spray before applying heat - e.g dryer, straightener, curling tongs. On the bottle it says, 'use as much as you need for a good coverage and reapply to areas that are more prone to frizz'. I brushed my hair free of knots and then this is exactly what I did.

The smell was amazing. I was already thanking Cosmo and my lucky stars for coming across a product that smelt so heavenly. It applied beautifully and I was extremely excited about reaping the rewards from this product. However this is where my journey ended with this product.

I applied heat in the form of my hair dryer first. Running my fingers through my locks, I noticed that my hair was rather knotty. I figured that this was weird as I had only just brushed it. Therefore I picked up my brush and started to brush through my hair whilst still using my hairdryer. It was as if I had just sprayed superglue all over my head. My freshly washed locks were now sticking together in clumps and I started to panic a little. I applied heat to specific areas that I was trying to style and it seemed that after I got the initial knots out, everything was going to be fine. I then went back to using my hands and my hair felt extremely thick, heavy and greasy. I was so disappointed because normally my hair feels extremely soft and lightweight after a shower. Soon the knots started to reappear and my hair was a clumpy messy again.

I waited until I had finished drying all my hair and brushed it through by which point it thankfully wasn't knotty anymore. However I was left with a heavy, greasy mess. As you can imagine I was thoroughly unhappy but it didn't end there. I then started to get a tingling feeling on my scalp. I tried to ignore it for a little while but I was concerned that I might be having an allergic reaction to the product.

I actually ended up going back in the shower to wash out the product. Little did I know that when my hair got wet it was almost impossible to brush. I felt like I had dunked my hair in a pot of superglue and there was no way this product was going to budge. Eventually I managed to wash the majority out and then I applied some of the Argan oil treatment before blowdrying my hair further. I couldn't believe how soft and fluffy my hair felt afterwards. It made me realise how bad it felt before with the frizz spray.

I feel really disappointed about this product. I had high hopes that I would like it but I'm afraid that it is definitely not for me and I will not be using it again!

Have you tried this product? Did you have any problems? Let me know in the comments below.

Friday, 26 April 2013

NOTD - Sinful Colors in 924 Social Ladder

I told you that it wouldn't be long before I was back with another NOTD using Sinful Colors. I literally can't say enough good things about the ones that I've tried so far. They are absolutely amazing at not chipping and the colour array is lovely. I have actually managed to pick up some shades that I haven't seen elsewhere - for example the Let Me Go polish I featured a few days ago.

Today I have Social Ladder which is a really gorgeous nude baby pink. What makes this colour so special is the fine shimmer that's encrusted in it. Unfortunately I couldn't pick this up with my camera but I really encourage you to go into Boots and take a look for yourself.

I can't believe that these polishes are such great quality and for as little as £1.99. Some people have reported problems with how sheer the polish is. Personally I have only picked up two shades and I wouldn't say that it was something that bothered me too much. You can see from the picture above that my nails are slightly visible through the polish but I wouldn't say it takes away from how much I love the product. I don't know if darker colours are a bit trickier as I can imagine I would want my nails to be super glossy and opaque if they were dark. If I ever invest in some darker colours, I will be sure to review them on the blog for you to see :)

Have you tried any of these polishes? What's your opinion? Let me know in the comments below.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

This Week's Wish List

The boyfriend decided to have a week off from his wish list so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to get really creative. I have been really inspired to create a holiday/swimwear post. I think that the glimpse of summer sun which we've seen this week has got me in high hopes for what's to come. So long as that wasn't our summer - you know what the UK can be like!

I've been feeling what Figleaves has to offer at the moment, because they've always got a sale on and they make it so easy for us girls to mix and match our swimwear. They have the cutest ranges of bikinis. I've particularly been loving the French Connection one's but I wanted to share with you a Gossard bikini today as I thought it was the most fun and vibrant - which is really current for this season too.

I've styled it into an outfit so that you can see how I would wear it. If you prefer me to create outfits instead of my favourite random bits and pieces, please let me know in the comments below :)

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Birchbox Review - Mirenesse Glossy Kiss in 14 Perfect Kiss

It seems I'm going liptastic on my blog at the moment. I'm back to share with you another lipstick product that I've been trying out recently. This one came in my April Birchbox this month. I've never heard of Mirenesse before but I was excited to try a lipstick in pencil form as I have never tried one before. My shade is 14 Perfect Kiss which so happens to be a pinky/deep-natural colour with a hint of gold shimmer.

They look very similar to the Soap and Glory Motherpucker Lip Gloss Sticks but these are a lot less tacky. This product is literally the softest thing I have come across - even more so than the Revlon Lip Butters. It glides on with high pigmentation and perfect shine. All you need to do is sharpen the pencil when the lipstick gets blunt to reveal more product.

I think it looks a lot more flattering in this picture than it did on me. It looks a lot more pink here too. When I initially applied it, my reaction was that it was quite a deep, natural pink shade with a strong gold shimmer to it. It was extremely soft on the lips which meant that it felt extremely moisturising too. But softness isn't always a good thing as I swiftly realised. Soon the lipstick had worn off and I needed to apply more. It was easy to do this but it felt like somewhat of a hassle as I had only just put it on.

I do really like the idea of the product and the swatch makes it look quite lovely. However I can't say that I feel terribly struck on it. I would be happy to wear it again if I wasn't planning to eat or do something that would rub it off, but it isn't my favourite lip colour out of all the ones I own. I think I am possibly a little to fair to pull it off - bright lips and almost translucent skin isn't a good look.

Did you get a Mirenesse Glossy Kiss in your Birchbox or have you tried one before? Let me know in the comments below :)

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

NYC Expert Last Lip Colour in Red Flame

I'm back again with another red lipstick. I think it is becoming somewhat of a trend with me. My justification for this lipstick is that I received it in my Cosmo goodie bag. I didn't go out and buy yet another lipstick in the same shade, I promise! Though having said that, you will notice from my swatch down below that this is definitely a different kind of red to the classic english rose red.

I have never tried any products by NYC before. I believe that the brand is sold in Superdrug but I haven't really heard anyone kick up a fuss about it before. That was why I was so intrigued to find out what the quality of the products was like. I must admit that I'm pleasantly surprised. I'm pretty sold by the packaging too. I definitely like the clear lid which makes it really easy to see the shade. I also like the silver type which gives it a bit more of an expensive feel.

As you can tell, this isn't the truest of red. It has a pink tinge to it which helps to make it more wearable for a girl who's trying out red for the first time. It has more of a lustre/metallic finish finish too, which I appreciate as it makes this product different to other ones I own. I'm also really impressed by how moisturising it felt on my lips. I didn't apply any lip balm before so it really struck me how comfortable the product was to wear.

I would definitely consider checking out some more lipsticks by NYC. At £1.99 I think that these are a complete bargain. I'm so excited that I have started to find some good quality and genuinely affordable products that I can enjoy. Looking on the Superdrug website, there are definitely some cute colours I want to check out. Do any stand out to you? Let me know in the comments below :)

Monday, 22 April 2013

NOTD - Sinful Colors in 322 Let Me Go

I can't tell you how excited I am about the new Sinful Colors polishes. They are amazing and an absolute bargain at £1.99 a piece. When I first saw these I wasn't too bothered about checking them out as I already own a lot of polish and therefore I don't come across new colours that I don't have very often. However when I was browsing for something else in Boots, a few of these polishes caught my eye and I got soooo excited!

I absolutely love this colour and had to get it immediately after I spotted it. I don't have anything like it, nor have I seen anything like it before. It looks absolutely magical and beautiful in the pot so I had no trouble parting with my money for this beauty. It is more of a purple/pink polish with a blue and green duochrome-type undertone. 

I would say that it's a lot prettier in the bottle but it still looks lovely on the nails. It was hard to catch a picture of my nails showing all the different colours but they definitely do that. I would say that the polish can look quite silver on the nails too.

The staying power is incredible. I have had it on for 4 days now (without a topcoat may I add) and it hasn't even chipped in the slightest. I'm definitely extremely excited about this brand of nail colour so expect many more NOTD's using Sinful Colours.

Speaking of, I picked up 942 Social Ladder whilst I was at it so that will be featured later on this week!

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Coachella Festival Fashion

Floral headbands, sunshine, denim hot pants and tan lines from wristbands can only mean one thing - festival season! Looking over this year's roundup of Coachella pictures (with jealousy), it is clear that 70's-inspired boho grunge is in full force. Everything from Katy Perry's boldly patterned Dolce and Gabbana skirt and crop top (left), to Kristen Stewart's laid back but oh-so-on-trend denim cut offs, white tee and converse boots was on show.

Moving passed my Coachella envy is a selection of festival fashion picks that would look amazing at Creamfields, Reading or good ol' Glasto'.

I would pre-empt the festival vibe with a personalised or custom wristband to complete the festival look, along with some floral rings and PLENTY of bangles.

Bluegirl's headband even doubles as a necklace if you wish. It's a key investment really!

Saturday, 20 April 2013

April Birchbox + NEW Boxdelux!

Second attempt at a video! Haha.. The quality is better but the lighten and close-ups are a bit weird. Eeek. Getting there guys :) Hope you enjoy anyways!

If you're thinking of moving up in the beauty box world and have some spare pennies to spend, Boxdelux might be the way to go!

The new beauty subscription box from Boxdelux (£35) aims to provide you with a new luxury experience each month. Everything from beauty and fragrance, to confectionary, candles and soft drinks will be included.

It launches on April 27th at the Buy My Wardrobe event at Kensington Roof Gardens in London.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Cosmo Careers Masterclass and Goodie Bag!

Oh hey everyone! :) Today I decided to do a video - my first ever video! Eeeek. Please excuse the quality. I am still experimenting with what works best. I might use the camera I use for my blog pictures next time to make it more crisp!

For now, I hope you enjoy it and I'd absolutely love it if you would like to subscribe to my channel :) You can click here or in the side bar if you want to do that. Definitely say hey so that I can say a huge thankyou!!!

P.s apologies that the video is so long! I shall make sure I cut it down next time :)

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Let's Bake: Chocolate Raspberry Brownies!


Hey all! I know that my blog is based on beauty and fashion. However I had a really busy day in London yesterday and went to the Cosmo Careers Master Class. My train then got cancelled home from Euston and I had to get a completely different train that didn't even take me back to where my car was parked. So long story cut short, I just wanted to relax and bake some brownies today with my dad since he is off work. I thought it would be fun to share this recipe with you as I've loved how it's turned out. Hopefully you don't mind my slightly off-subject blog post today.

I was thinking of doing my first ever video on the Cosmo Careers Master Class, and of course letting you know what I got in my beauty goodie bag. If you think you're interested in that, please let me know  and I will try my best :) But for now, lets get on to baking!


So the first thing I did was got my 'Jamies-30-minute-meals' head on and measured out all the ingredients. I got this recipe from the BBC website so you can check there if you would like measurements..etc.


Stage one was to put the sugar, butter and chocolate in a pan to melt it. I was a bit worried that it was all going to burn at the bottom before the whole mixture had melted but it turned out fine :)


Here's the mixture all melted and treacle-like!


Next you stir in the eggs. I thought these were going to cook in the hot mixture and was really anxious about adding them but again it was fine :) Excuse the messy hob! It can get a little crazy when dad and I bake!

Finally you sieve the flour and cocoa into the pan and mix before adding the raspberries! I forgot to take a picture of the raspberries because I was too excited.

Then you can add them onto a baking tray. I managed to pick up a specific brownie tray from Sainsburry's for £9.99 as I love baking brownies so it worked out really well! 


They're baking! Yay. Leave them alone in the oven for 30mins at 180c fan if you can!


So excited! They're nearly ready.


As I said, I am a huge brownie fan. Therefore I tried to make some in my brownie maker too!

They actually turned out really well....


Until dad had an accident trying to get them out! Haha!

And Voila! Here's one of the brownies from my new brownie tray. It looks absolutely amazing and trust me, it tastes amazing too! I love the look of the bright pink raspberry against the brown chocolate. The middle is almost like a fondant dessert. People on Masterchef take years to perfect this method! I say go buy yourself a brownie tin and make these brownies :)

Anyway's that is all for today guys and gals :) Hope you enjoyed this post and I shall see you tomorrow when fashion and beauty will resume as normal! Byyyeeeee.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Man... I feel like a Woman!

Source - Weheartit.com
 Do you remember a time when men were rugged, unshaven - a general manly mess of stubble? Think you're seeing less of that? Well you're not imagining it! It's true that metrosexual men are ruling the roost and this is only likely to continue. Imagine a time when your man spends longer in the bathroom than you do... claims 60 instead of 40% of your wardrobe. Wondering where your shoes will go? Eeek, me too!

My boyfriend admits to plucking away any sign of a monobrow and enjoying his wax hair products but I think it's going a bit far when guys are getting their brows done or heaven forbid their legs. There are so many men getting injuries through grooming that I can't help but wish they'd put down the styling tools and leave the beautifying to us ladies.

When doing research on this topic, I came across a survey that First 4 Lawyers undertook which states that 14% of men suffer for their vanity. Everything from tanning to hair dying poses a risk to the opposite sex. These are scary times.

I can understand grooming to a certain extent. Everyone likes to be presentable and healthy. Therefore I can understand certain campaigns like Gillette's trimmers and gadgets for the modern man as talked about on the Daily Mail. I can even understand guys wanting to buy Men's Health for tips and trick on how to stay in shape. But why do guys feel the need to turn up looking like they've been tangoed and preened to within an inch of their existence? Is it media pressure? Are we as girls putting emphasis on our other half to look like Ryan Reynolds? I can't say I'd grumble if I rolled over in the morning and saw him in my bed, but I guarantee he's no match to my boyfriend.

Eddie enjoyed having his Glossybox when the men's version was around but that never inspired him to head to the salon for a manicure. I for one like my guy to be the guy in our relationship. As soon as I start to feel remotely more manly than him, I know alarm bells will ring.

Do you have a metrosexual boyfriend/husband/brother? What do you think of the new trend? Let me know in the comments below :)

Sunday, 14 April 2013

The Body Shop Amazonian Wild Lily Body Lotion

I've really been enjoying trying out body lotions recently. Most specifically my Tuscan Rose Body Butter as I had not really used a butter before now and have really noticed the benefits of long lasting moisture. Quite a few of my body lotions are floral which I feel fits in lovely with spring time. That's why I decided to test this product out now and see how it will work for me in the upcoming months.

The Amazonian Wild Lily Body Lotion* comes in a wonderful pump container which I really enjoy. It is slightly harder to measure the amount of product I get this way, as the pump is quite stiff and generally shoots down giving me the amount of a full pump. However I think that it will make it easier  to make sure I use up all the product this way and the container can be reused.

I like the cleanness and the pattern of the label. What's great about The Body Shop is that they usually represent whatever is in the product on the packaging outside. Therefore it is very visual and you always know what you're getting. Obviously The Body Shop is against animal cruelty and like to source their ingredients through community fair trade as well. These are also values which add to the intrigue and reasons to buy this product specifically over all others.

As you can see, the lotion is quite thin and watery - much thinner than any other lotion I have come across. Because of this it soaks in really quickly and really well, but it's consequently very light on the moisture side. It definitely gives hydration but it's not anywhere near as rich as a body butter.

I think that this formulation will be great in the spring and summer as you're not battling with cold, harsh winds and therefore your skin doesn't need that heavy layer of moisture which protects you from a tough climate. It is light and has a strong floral (lily) scent which only draws me in. It feels like i've walked through a field of flowers once i've applied this.

It's certainly a different product in it's own right and I will use this during times when the other products I own are too much. It has its own place and own time - just like you would have different hair products for shine and for volume, this is for light summer moisture instead of heavy winter hydration. I would recommend that you go and check this out in store too see what you think. There are tonnes of floral and fruity scents on offer which means you are bound to find one you will like :)

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Book Worm #15 - Requiem by Lauren Oliver

The best book series I have come across since secondary school has come to an end. Lauren Oliver does a beautiful job at writing the Delirium series and I for one recommend that every single one of you reads them. Until you do, you will never truly understand what you were missing.

These books are filled with love, fight and truth. Lena's character was endearing in the previous two books, but in Requiem she shows strength and courage as her journey comes to the inevitable conclusion.

Lena has been reunited with Alex, but he's not the same as he once was. Everything's changing. Lena can't even find comfort in knowing her mother is alive. She spent a few precious moments with her without knowing her true idenity.

The fight continues to survive in the wilds but times are tougher than ever. The cured have built up an army and they've invaded the wilds. The wilds from this moment on will never be safe again. It's time for anyone who has ever wanted freedom to start fighting for it.

Lena struggles with her emotions for Julian and Alex. She's especially confused by her resentment against new member, Coral. Where her love lies is something she has to admit to herself. Although that is not the only thing that's testing her. When everyone Lena loves is falling like rocks to the floor around her, who will win and who will live to tell the tale?

The whole time I was reading this book I felt that I was going to be unsatisfied by the ending. Reading reviews prior to the release gave me the impression that it was left open-ended which filled me with dread. I didn't want this book to be a disappointment and I definitely didn't want a lack of closure.

After now reading it, I feel only semi-satisfied with the way it has ended. It hasn't been left too open but I also would have liked more detail in the climax. I felt that this book was the least gripping of the three but it doesn't mean that I didn't enjoy it. The ending picked up more pace but I sort of wish the whole book was as gripping as the first two.

Either way you look at it, Miss Oliver here is talented and I owe her a lot for opening my eyes to a new dimension of imagination. I will probably struggle to find a series I like as much as this one for a long while. The only thing that could fill the void would be if she wrote another epic love story straight away. Little hints... So what do you say Lauren? Pretty please?!

Friday, 12 April 2013

Birchbox Review - Beauty Blender Cleanser


I have been a loyal user of Mac's Brush Cleanser ever since I started getting serious about makeup when I was 16. It worked perfectly for me so I never decided to delve into the unknown and try out something new. For me, I don't like spending a lot of money on something as simple as a brush cleaner. I can go to Boots and pick up some baby shampoo which will be miles cheaper and probably do a great job. However, when I found the Beauty Blender Cleanser in my Birchbox, I felt that I wasn't loosing anything by trying it out. 

The first thing I noticed was that it is more a shampoo consistency. Mac's cleanser is a soapy water, whereas this one was more gel-like. I got an immediate scent of lavender when I started to massage this product into the hairs of my brush. With a little water I found that it lathered a little but there was nothing major to report.

I was slightly concerned that the cleanser would be difficult to wash out and I would end up with brush hairs that were all stuck together and greasy. Thankfully this was not the case and the brushes dried brilliantly. The cleanser was amazing at getting my makeup tools really clean. Even the white fibres on my Mac brushes (eg 187 to the far left) where white again which goes to show how cleansed the brushes were.

I'm really happy with this cleanser and over all would buy it again. For £12, it is actually slightly more expensive than the Mac version but I think it has a more pleasant smell and dare I say it, perhaps does a better job. Over all I'm not too fussed. I would use either but this is definitely a product I would recommend if you're new to the brush cleaning world or just want to try something different!
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