Friday, 1 March 2013

The Body Shop White Musk Libertine Eau de Toilette

I was rummaging around in my 'to blog about' draw, trying to pick out which item I would like to try next when this caught my eye. No doubt it has been hidden in the back somewhere, deep out of reach because I know this isn't the newest of releases from The Body Shop.

Everyone who has visited the About Me page up top will know what a huge perfume collector I am. I absolutely adore picking what scent to wear in the morning and there is always a reason for my choice. Therefore I was excited to try out this white musk scent, as I know from previous testing that I generally like the smell of musk. This perfume is no exception. I really enjoy its deep notes and how I can really decipher the layers behind the perfume.

I find perfume extremely hard to explain. So for the interest of most, here are the notes:
Top, heart, and bottom notes of Musk.
Sweet notes of Turkish Delight, Chantilly Cream and Baby Orchid.

On first testing of this perfume I found it quite heady and heavy. The scent is quite strong and almost smelt a bit dense to me. However the longer I wear it, the lighter it grows. You begin to smell the sweetness behind the musk and can start to make out each individual character that makes up this beautiful fragrance.

I would say that this perfume is more suitable for an older woman. It's not the fruity and sweet scent you would expect a young teenager to wear. It is a lot more mature than that, which is why I recommend it as a great Mother's Day gift. At £10 a bottle for the EDT or £13 for the EDP, I feel like you can't go wrong and it's guaranteed to be enjoyed by the person who receives it.

Plus, don't forget that The Body Shop's products are cruelty-free!

And for a heads up, they are offering Mother's Day gift-wrapping service if you're one who looks at a wrapping set and ribbon and gets a headache :)

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