Friday, 8 March 2013

Birchbox Review - Nick Chavez Plump 'n Thick Leave In Thickening Mist

I love trying out new haircare products, so when I saw that this little beauty was included in February's Birchbox I was definitely pleased. Having said this, the premise of the product might not have been ideal for me.

I have extremely thick hair as it is. Speak to my hairdresser and she will tell you. She always complains that she gets arm ache when she's cutting my locks and personsally I don't blame her. By the way, this is after she has also thinned it out! So yes, you can imagine that I don't really need to add a 'Thickening Mist' to my daily routine.

However when I found out that this also gave volume I was all for it. With thick hair comes heavy weight. It tends to hang a little limp without much volume unless I try to create some whilst styling. I already have a great volumising mousse which I use to create amazing body, but this can tend to leave my hair feeling gross after one day. I try to wash my hair every other day or two if I can so that I don't strip it of all its natural oils. Therefore, a product that makes my hair feel horrible after I've just washed it isn't ideal for me.

That's why I was pinning all hopes on the fact that this would give me body and style without weighing my hair down.

As you can see, the application of this is very simple. I haven't actually tried this on dry hair yet, but in my mind I can't imagine it working out too well. On the other hand, I can now reveal that it works wonders on wet hair and may have just become a holy grail product!

After spritzing this all over my hair (and not just in the roots), I blow-dryed my locks freely as normal. I literally couldn't believe the amount of volume that was instantly given by such a small amount of this great smelling spray. It even got to the point where I went downstairs and my dad commented on how much volume I had. A man?! Talking about hair?! This was big!

So yes, overall I am incredibly pleased with how this has worked. I will investigate further as to whether it works just as well on dry hair for a quick pick-me-up. But even if I can only use it after shower, I still feel that it is completely worth the money (£13.90). I'm excited to see what other products  are in Nick Chavez's line of haircare as I'm definitely thinking about trying some more out.

P.s Even after sleeping, my hair was still bouncing. All I had to do was ruffle it up a bit and away I went :) What a dream.

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