Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Birchbox Review - Molton Brown Valbonne Perfume


This has to be one of my favourite products out of what I received in this month's Birchbox. I know that a lot of people don't like getting samples of fragrance in their beauty boxes but I actually really like it. I am a huge fragrance fanatic and therefore finding new scents is so exciting for me. 

What I find really special about this perufme is that it can suit a wide range of age groups. Often you can find that fruity and sweet scents are more suited to a younger audience, whereas more musky and deeper scents are aimed at the more mature adult. However I find this to be a fragrance which is grown up enough for an parental figure, whilst still being fruity and light enough for someone in their 20's.


I'm always terrible with describing fragrances so I find that knowing the notes helps a lot. These are mentioned in the picture above but I will pop them here too:

Top Notes - Bergamot and Dewy Orange Flower.
Middle Notes - Provencal Mimosa, Rose and Deep Purple Orris.
Base Notes - Vetiver and Leather.

When I read that there was going to be base notes of leather I thought that was really strange. I'm not sure that I have come across a fragrance before which uses that scent. However I can assure you that you won't start smelling like your couch. The leather isn't as noticeable as you would think.

It is probably the primary fruity and floral notes which you smell immediately that attract a younger audience. Having said this, I know that I like my perfumes to have a bit of depth to them - something a little more sexy and sultry for an evening out maybe.

So now we've gone through the niceties, lets get down to the nitty gritty.
Source: BirchboxUK
It's marketed for £65 for 50ml. Now I think that is quite expensive really. I know that Molton Brown is well known and has a lovely line of good quality products, but I can buy my signature Dior perfume for that price. I'm not sure I regard Molton Brown to be designer. But maybe I'm wrong. 

Either way, I really wish that it was more affordable as I would like to buy this for my mum, as her birthday is around the corner. I may try using some of my Birchbox points to get money off and therefore make it a little more accessible. But saying that, you don't always have that option.

Did you receive this in your Birchbox? Did you like it? Let me know in the comments below as I'd love to hear weather you agree with me about it suiting all age groups :)

I realised this month that some people are getting different things in their Birchboxes in comparison to me. This is a bit disappointing as I now feel like I'm missing out on a bunch of great products that I would have liked to try out too. However I guess that it's the luck of the draw and you are sent items which are matched to you by your beauty profile. Still, when someone else gets RMK and Sanctuary products and you get brush cleaner, you start to wonder :P


  1. Great review and I know what you mean, that's what stopped me from subscribing to beauty boxes, I think it's more fair if everyone gets the same!

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  2. thanks for the review. I'm always looking for new scents as I still haven't found my personal fav :/ I'm a bit picky about this and then end up with some standard perfume that I stop liking a few days after using.

    1. Ah i know what you mean. You need to smell a few and then commit :) you won't regret it. Makes me feel special every time i use mine! xxo


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