Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Birchbox February Extras Review

Today I decided to combine two items from my February Birchbox into one review. They were described in on the description card as 'extras', so therefore I thought it would be easy to review them both in one quick and simple step. 

My first mini review is the Birchbox Eyelash Curler and how it compares to the god of all curlers - the Shu Uemura. Secondly, I will be telling you my thoughts on the EBOOST dietary supplement. So if you want to know more, read on :) 


In the battle of the eyelash curlers today, we have Birchbox on the left and Shu Uemura on the right. Both of them look extremely similar, as you would imagine. The Birchbox curler is more of a gunmetal shade whereas Shu Uemura is more of a silver. The Birchbox one has a taller edge at the top which I thought might get in the way of my brow bone. However this has not been an issue at all and has  actually fitted nicely within the curvature of my face. They both have nice black pads on them. But  with the Shu Uemura one you get replacements. I didn't receive anything of the sort with my Birchbox curler last month. 

Shu Uemura 1
Birchbox 0

The next thing to note would be that the Shu Uemura curlers are slightly smaller and therefore more compact. This is useful if you are like me, always struggling to close a small makeup bag, or limit what you take away on trips so that it all fits.

Shu Uemura 2
Birchbox 0

The Birchbox Curler is £10 whereas the Shu Uemura one is a pricey £20. Unless you are lucky like me and manage to pick one up in Beijing when you visit, it looks like Birchbox win this point.

Shu Uemura 2
Birchbox 1

But what we all really want to know is how well it actually curls the lashes and how long the curl stays.
So to test this I curled one eye with one curler and the other with the other. Both of them initially give amazing curl to the lashes that you can't differentiate between them. Both make you look flirtatious, wide-eyed and awake.

Though during the day I found that my eyelashes started to droop on the eye I curled with the Birchbox curler, whereas the Shu Uemura lashes were still going strong. 

Shu Uemura 3
Birchbox 1

Therefore my conclusion would be this:

If you want cheap curlers that do a good job and you don't mind re-curling mid day, Birchbox is the way to go.

However if you are looking for more of a solid investment that will last you a very long time and give you hassle-free curl, Shu Eumura is your man!


Next we have the EBOOST Dietary Supplement that aims to give you more energy using natural ingredients. The Birchbox girls said they swore by this during London Fashion Week. Now it is time for me to do my test and see if it really does reward you on all levels.


So far I like that it is quite a natural supplement. As far as supplements go, this is maybe one of the better ones. I don't tend to like using extra powders and potions to help me through the day. I figure that I survived without them before and I don't like the idea of relying on them in the future. But I don't mind trying this sachet out as a one off. If I like it, I might even use one every so often if I need a gentle pick-me-up.


So, all you need to do is pop the powder into a glass, add 8 fl oz of water and stir. 

I'm surprised that there actually isn't more powder. I don't know why but I just assumed it more fill more than just a sprinkle on the bottom of the glass.

Voila! Your drink is made. As it settles a little more you get an extremely vibrant orange coloured liquid. It fizzes for a little while but then goes flat. I actually thought that this was going to be a continuously fizzy drink from what I have read but it turns out that it isn't.

From my own personal taste, I don't particularly like this. It's not hideously bad - you could drink a full glass without too much of an issue. But to me it tastes a little like really watered down orange squash with the hint of something a little bit unpleasant in the background. On the plus side, the smell is absolutely divine.

Now I have a little bit of a confession to make. I didn't drink much of this because I wasn't overly fond of the taste. Therefore I can't really inform you on if this helped to energise me at all. But I can reveal that from my own personal opinion, this is not something I would want to drink freely. Maybe if you try these sort of things on a regular basis, you won't find the taste so bad.

Please do leave a comment below if you've tried this and let me know whether you liked the taste and whether it worked for you!


  1. I really want to try the shu uemura eye lash curlers!

    1. They are amazing! Totally worth the money xxo


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