Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Laura Geller Bronze and Brighten


I've found a new way to discover new products. It's called 'Mum'. Yes, Mum. What I mean by this is that she will go off and order her make up on the Internet. She will have it imported from America and spend a pretty penny only to go and realise that shes ordered the wrong product. Bless her. But this works out to my advantage because then I have a new item to trial for my blog. Win!

So if you hadn't heard of Laura Geller like I hadn't, you may be interested to know that she is one of the leading ladies when it comes to 'baked' makeup. Laura has set up a wide makeup range to help women feel their best. Whether you want to correct a certain issue or enliven your skin or just learn the tips and tricks of the makeup trade, this is your lady. She has numerous best-selling lines amongst which this product above is one.


The Bronze and Brighten Baked Powder is a bronzer that includes colour-corrective pigments to help achieve a natural looking dewy tan. It is oil free, paraben free and includes anti-oxidants and white tea extract. This product promises to be long wearing and a true crowd-pleaser. You can buy it on it's own or with the 'clever' brush. 

The 'clever' brush only picks up the exact right amount of product before depositing it cleanly onto the skin. This way you will never end up looking like you've just rubbed your face in the mud.

So all of that sounds wonderful doesn't it? But does it actually work?

Well in terms of the brush just mentioned, yes it actually does. I can't quite comprehend how it does it but it only picks up the amount of product you need regardless of how much you swirl the brush around. Once you've applied the bronzer it looks like there isn't any product left on the brush which is pretty impressive. Having said this, you would still need to clean it like you would do with any other makeup brush, just to make sure you don't get any build up of bacteria.

Although it picks up the right amount of product, I can't help but think I would rather use my Mac Contour brush instead. I suppose if you were new to bronzer and didn't want to overpower your face, this brush might help you achieve a more flawless look. However it doesn't feel particularly soft and luxurious. I tend to prefer using my own brushes and luckily I am able to judge how much product is enough.

When it comes to the bronzer, you can either by a fair or a regular/medium shade. My mum has slightly darker skin than I do so she picked the latter which is actually a little too dark for me. Having said this I found that this colour bronzer is like no other. Obviously you have the tan shade running through and the pearly white which gives you a fresh and dewy finish. But I seem to pick up on a pinker shade too which, when applied, looks a lot like a blusher to me. I would normally use a bronzer to contour my face but I found that this didn't work very well due to the pink undertones. I found that this product worked a lot better as a subtle blush than for definition under my cheek bones.

Over all the product is of great quality and it is long lasting when applied. I'm happy that I was introduced to this brand, even if the bronzer above is slightly too dark for my skin tone, but would definitely be intrigued to try more items from Laura's line.

If you want to check out more about this product you can find it on her website.

Have you tried any Laura Geller products or have a particular favourite bronzer? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. I haven't tried any Laura Geller products, yet. But the "intelligent" brush seems kind of helpful. There are so many girls overdosing bronzing powder and this is the best way to use it without getting in trouble. Thanks for the review hun.


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