Friday, 1 February 2013

Lacura Beauty 4 Way Nail Buffer

This has to be one beauty item that I haven't really seen featured on a beauty blog. It's a little surprising really because one of these babies can give you an instant beautiful manicure in no time. I was lucky to try out this one above which my mum received at Christmas. Having said this, I should really get my own because they are inexpensive most of the time, and do a wonderful job.

These nail buffers typically have 4 sides; a file side, a ridge remover, a smooth side and finally a shine pad.

The process is very simple. You file your nail to the shape you want it, then buff the nail to get rid of the small ridges before smoothing it over with the third pad. Finally you buff your nail and bring the oils to the top which create a beautiful shine.

You can definitely feel and see the difference in person. It's a great, quick pick-me-up that you can chuck in your handbag and do just about anywhere. The only thing I now have to figure out how to manage is my cuticles. I have the clippers but I can't get the hang of doing it myself which is a little bit annoying. If you have any tips and tricks on how you keep your cuticles neat, be sure to leave a comment below and let me know :)

Have any of you tried these 4 way buffers?
You can buy a similar one here for just 99p!


  1. ahh i need one of these! look so handy all in one :) ox

    1. They really are. I think they should get more recognition because they work a treat! xxo

  2. i have this but its unbranded though very useful nonetheless! x

    1. If it works then who cares about the brand :) That's what I say :) xxo


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