Wednesday, 27 February 2013

February Birchbox!


This month's Birchbox has taken forever to arrive. It is the end of the month tomorrow and I have only just received mine today. Anyways, I'm happy that I have it in my hands now and the contents of it look great, don't you think?


This month's box is based around Fashion Week. It includes lots of little products that help you look and function your best.


(1) Gerda Spillmann - Bio Fond Cream Foundation - This light, creamy base is easy to apply, offers great coverage and sets to a powder finish. No wonder it's used on movie sets - we're ready for our close up! (Full Size £20)

My Opinion - This is the first time I have ever received a foundation in a beauty box so I'm actually quite surprised. I love that it's a cream to powder formulation which means that it will work better with my Combo/Oily skin type. The colour doesn't look too bad in the pan either though I will have to try it on to find out how it matches my fair complexion. I didn't want to touch the product so that I could get a beautiful picture of it first. #beautyproblems. A review shall follow shortly.


(2) Korres - Guava Shower Gel - The sweet, sophisticated scent of this moisturising show gel will invigorate you, while wheat proteins and aloe vera cleanse and hydrate your skin. Absolutely divine. (Full Size £8).

My Opinion - I already have this! Haha. I have received countless amounts of Korres beauty products in these boxes so I am getting slightly bored of them. However there is no doubting that this is a lovely product with a lovely scent. It reminds me a lot of the kind of shower gel you would find in a really posh hotel. You know the ones where you stash the shower gel in your suitcase so you get a fresh one the next day because it's so nice? You do that too, right?!


(3) Nick Chavez Beverly Hills - Plump N'Thick Leave-in Thickening Mist - Get visible volume with this light but powerful leave-in treatment from Nick Chavez. Just spritz onto towel-dried hair before styling (Full Size £13.90).

My Opinion - I already have extremely thick hair so this is not something I worry about. Having said this, there is no harm in adding a bit more volume. I tend to wear my hair straight a lot so it can look a bit dull and flat. I'm hoping that this product will give my hair a breath of fresh air and perk it up. It smells lovely from what I can tell so far.


(4) Vichy - Thermal Spa Water (Limited Edition) - Soothing and regenerating, this multi-purpose product is naturally enriched with 15 minerals and 13 trace elements. It can be used as a toner, to set makeup or as a refreshing boost. (Full Size £7).

My Opinion - I'm not sure how I feel about this product. I think of it as water in a spray can which is a bit of a cop out if you ask me. However I am interested in using it as a toner. I'm looking forward to spaying this in the summer when we hopefully get some luscious hot weather and I want a nice cool refreshing feeling.


(5) Eboost - Natural Energy Booster - We're relying on EBOOST's natural, nutrient-rich, no-crash tonic to see us through this year's Fashion Week. Just mix the sachet contents with cold water and drink up. (Full Size 20 Packets £20.99).

My Opinion - I'm not sure how I feel about supplements. I always feel that I'm adding unnecessary ingredients into my body when I have dietary supplements and powders. However I am happy to give this a go and see how it tastes. It's only one sachet after all. And if I feel full of energy and life afterwards, more the better.

(6) Eyelash Curler - Get a wide-open, catwalk-worthy gaze with the help of this Birchbox eyelash curler. You'll be amazed at the difference it makes! (Full Size £10).

My Opinion - I'm not sure that this will live up to the Shu Uemura eyelash curler that I am currently using, but it's nice to have a back up that I can throw in my bag or travel purse and not have to worry about. I will let you know how well this compares later on.

So there we have it! Personally I like the box. It'd like it a hell of a lot more if I received it a week earlier but these things happen I guess. 

Have you got you Birchbox yet? Do you like it? Leave your comments below :)


  1. I agree with you about the sachets and dietary supplements. If we coped okay without them before, why would we need them now! I tried this one, and I must say it was absolutely revolting!

    1. Oh no, really? Looks like I will be taking one sip of it and throwing the rest down the sink then. But who knows. I might love it?! Agreed though. I don't think adding a powder is going to be benefical to me. xxo

  2. I have been receiving Birchbox for about 2 years now. This month's box has been so bad that I canceled my subscription. Don't get me wrong I love Birchbox, or well I used too, but this box has arrived so late that I feel unmotivated to write up a blog post on it. I have to say I'm quite pleased with your box. >.<

    1. We're only just managed to get our hands on it over here in the uk. This is the second box that has been available. I don't like when the postage service isn't very good but we shall see how it goes. I generally like what I get so I don't want to quit for that reason at the moment. xxo


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