Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Umberto Giannini Painted Lady Nail Wraps

I received these nail wraps as a Christmas present from my boyfriend's sister. She obviously knows me well because she gave me three or four new beauty products to try. However these wraps really stood out and I was most excited about trying these on. Unfortunately they turned out to be the single worst wraps I have ever come across. I have no idea if my pack was just a dodgy one or if all of them are like this. But I can say from my personal experience of trying these that I would not recommend them to anyone.

The pattern on these wraps are gorgeous. That was one of the main things that first got me excited about them. That and the fact that I love Backcomb in a Bottle by UG too and therefore figured that the brands products are well made. I followed the instructions to the letter. They explain the preparation stage which is all about washing your hands, sorting out your cuticles and buffing any oily layers off of your nail. Then, as you can see above, there are a standard list of instructions for application.

The first thing I found annoying was that the majority of wraps didn't fit my nail. The smallest two sizes which normally fit perfectly were too small for my baby and ring finger. Therefore I was left to choose between 6 different sizes, most of which I had to cut to size or were slightly to small themselves. May I also add that the 6th nail wrap was unusable anyways as it had been bent in half during packaging.

The next disappointment and main problem of all was that they don't even stick! I tried four different wraps on different nails before I got fed up and gave up. After all I had already 'ruined' 4 wraps trying to stick them on so there was no chance of getting a full 10 nails out of the pack any longer. I just couldn't believe it. They are not flexible in the slightest and start lifting up at the edges immediately.

It claims on the packaging that you have to use the wraps immediately when they leave the envelope or else the glue will dry out. This seems ludicrous as that does not happen to any other nail wraps I have tried. Furthermore, I applied them roughly two minutes after they left the packaging. If the glue dries out that quickly I think that it's a bit silly.

So over all I would not be purchasing any of these wraps myself. I would strongly urge any other beauty bloggers to head for the L'oreal Nail Art Nail Wraps next time they want to try a new product :)

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  1. Just came across your post, I purchased these from boots yesterday and applied them today. I have never used nail wraps before, so I watched a few tutorials on youtube first. They stated for you to stick the curved area next to the cuticle then use a hair dryer to make the wrap more pliable, then to stretch over the nail and file the excess off.

    I used the above technique and they went on perfect, I will admit they arent true to size (however; I was applying these over the acrylic nails I had done), but as they were black wraps I just used black nail varnish wish a small brush and painted in the gaps. You cant even notice this either.


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