Monday, 28 January 2013

Top 3 Nude Lip Liners... So far!


This is a bit of a different post for me as I don't really own any Lip Liners. There are probably better lip liners out there that I have not tried yet. However, from my own personal collection, these are the top three ones I would reach for - whether that be because of colour or texture.

First off we have L'oreal Paris Contour Parfait Lip Liner in Rose Vintage. This was one of the first lip liners I ever purchased. I bought it because I really wanted a pretty pink nude that I could wear underneath the lipsticks I owned at the time. I didn't really know too much about what I was looking for so this ended up being a shot in the dark.

Next we have Mac's Boldly Bare. I received this in my Iced Delights Gift bag in December 2011, along with my I Love Winter Lipstick. It was only a small pencil to start with but it has been well loved within my collection. I like that I can spot it in my makeup bag because it's white! Not very often do you find anything in white packaging these days (unless its by natural collection).

Finally we have Elysambre Lip Liner. I wish that I could tell you the colour but it doesn't actually say. I received this in a Joliebox last year and immediately fell in love with it. I like that it has a metallic lid and looks pretty. It's not crowded with lots of different languages all over it!


Here's your first look at the colours before you see them applied underneath. As you can see we have a pink, a neutral and then a slightly darker berry nude underneath. I thought that these were a good example of a wide variety of pencils - not only with colours but with brands and prices too.


First up and my favourite lip liner of them all is the Elysambre. The pencil is so soft and applies like a dream which makes it so easy to get a really neat application. It also leads to a better colour pay off. The creamy texture makes an opaque finish easy to achieve. The lips were easy to fill in and I found that this was the best base for a lipstick. You can buy Elysambre online at Amazon for around £8 a pop. 


Next we have Mac's Boldly Bare. This is another fantastic shade that is pretty soft and easy to apply. It gives a nice coverage and helps to make the colour of the lipstick last longer. It matches beautifully with my I Love Winter lipstick. The only reason it hits second place is because I don't feel the colour pay off was as good as the Elysambre pencil. At £11.50 it is the most expensive of the lot.

Finally we come to my least favourite. L'oreal Paris Rose Vintage is a a lovely colour but it is simply impossible to apply. The pencil is so hard that I have to drag it along my lips to get any colour pay off at all. It's not a nice application process at all but it has made it to number 3 because it is a lovely delicate colour. At roughly £5 it is the cheapest of the lot but I would recommend spending the extra money and going for Elysambre or Mac for a better quality product.

And there we have it. My series on the best nude lips has concluded. I hope it helped some of you discover some new products that you might like to try this S/S. If you want to look back at the other two posts, you can find the Nude Lipsticks here, and the Berry Nude Lipsticks here.

If you have any recommendations for products that could have been included, feel free to post your comments below.

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  1. Oh I must try them, they are lovely. I really like Goshs nude lipliner, I think it's called nugget.



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