Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Top 3 Berry Nudes... so far!

Here we are with the second of my Top 3 Nudes series. If you want to check out my first post in this series about my favourite nude lipsticks, you can click here. Today I'm discussing my Top 3 Berry Nudes. What I mean by this is lipsticks that are very similar to my own lip colour, but give them a bit of a boost to look really gorgeous and pop.

The first one on my list is actually a limited edition Mac Lipstick from a few years back. I Love Winter was released with the Iced Delights Series in Christmas 2011. I originally wanted a different shade but the woman at the counter accidentally sold my mum this one instead. I was annoyed at first but actually it couldn't have worked out better. It's absolutely perfect for my skin tone and matches my lips beautifully. I love that the packaging is a neat, white, glossy tube with some silver detailing. I kind of wish that Mac did some more in this packaging as standard because it appeals to me a little more than the black and silver.

Next we have Rimmel London Kate Moss Lipstick in 08. This was a spur of the moment purchase when Boots were having a 3 for 2 sale. I already had the 01 shade which is a vibrant cherry red. Therefore I knew I liked the quality of the lipsticks but it was all about the shade. I didn't realise that this lipstick was actually going to suit me as well as it does. The packaging is ok. It's pretty standard for a high street brand. I don't love it but I don't dislike it either.

Finally we have YSL Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick in 24. I bought this lipstick when I was in Beijing in January 2012. It was the first YSL product I had ever owned and naturally I was extremely excited to try it out. After swatching it I knew that I liked the colour and I thought the packaging was pretty cute too. I did actually want a different YSL lipstick because the packaging looked much nicer on the other line of lipsticks they were selling. However none of the colours available pulled me in so I ended up with this one.

Again, all the lipsticks look the shame colour but they are slight differences. It's been hard to get a good picture with good daylight because of the heavy snow we've been having. The clouds are laying low and grey which is casting somewhat of a shadow over my photos. Sorry about this. Hopefully you can get a better idea for the colours below.

Here we have the Mac lipstick. I love this shade because it is pretty and pink whilst looking more dark and classic in the shadows. Mac lipsticks smell amazing and have great pigmentation. This is a Cremesheen which is the type of lipstick I have been loving recently. I think this is the most perfect pink rose lip for spring that will help you achieve that fresh faced look. I'm not too sure what a dupe for this may be. Perhaps if you don't have this colour, ask at a Mac counter for a similar shade?

The second one on my list is the Rimmel London lipstick. I absolutely adore this shade and can't believe how well it suits me. Normally when I don't take too much care about picking out a product, I end up with something that doesn't look remotely nice. However this has definitely changed my opinion. It's got just enough of a pink tone to bring my lips to life whilst being very muted and natural. As you can see it is quite glossy and reasonably moisturising. I would apply a lip balm before using this for some added moisture but over all it's fine. Depending on what you are doing, the colour can last for a long while. Especially if you use a lipstick lock product. I would recommend this to anyone who's planning on making a cosmetic splurge in the near future.

Finally we have YSL. This is a slightly more pearly shade which is why it comes in last. I have been preferring creamy colours recently but that doesn't stop this being a wonderful product. The colour matches my lips nicely whilst giving it a little bit of a pop at the same time. It's a light and fresh shade which will go quite nicely in the upcoming spring and summer months. The colour lasts on the lips well and isn't drying at all which is a huge added bonus. The only reason I used to hate lipsticks was because of their drying qualities. A lot has changed since I first tried lipsticks though :)

So here we have it, my Top 3 Berry Nude Lipsticks. I hope that you found it helpful and it has given you some ideas for lipsticks you might wish to try out. The final part of this series will be my Top 3 Nude Lip liners which I hope to get up by the end of this week.


  1. these are all so lovely, I think the Rimmel one is my favourite though :) x

    One Little Moose

    1. Thanks hun. Yeah RImmel is a strong contender :) Beautiful creamy colour xxo


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