Tuesday, 1 January 2013

JolieBox Review - Natural Honey 7 in 1 Body Lotion

It would be really lovely if my new years resolution could be to use different kinds of beauty products to help me look my best at all times. However, that's frankly not going to happen. Sometimes I do get hormonal spots on my face and my cuticles aren't always perfect. Nor can I always be bothered to moisturise my skin when getting out of the shower. But I suppose if I could keep to one beauty resolution, I'd like it to be the last (bar taking off my makeup every evening - regardless!). I can not emphasise enough how much of a difference it makes when you carry out this simple step. I have been guilty of believing for many, many years that I don't need to bother. My skin never feels dry or flakes so why would I spend even more precious time moisturising before bed when I could be sleeping?! 

The real turning point for me was when I was sent my Yves Rocher Repair Body Lotion from a PR company. I couldn't see myself falling in love with it at all but I really did. It has become my favourite body lotion so far. The results were remarkable and my skin felt supple and soft. There was literally no competition between moisturised and non-moisturised skin. All this time I had never realised that my body was craving the moisture I wasn't providing. I'm an extremely bad drinker (by the means of I don't drink at all and not that I drink to much of the wrong stuff). Therefore you can imagine how parched my skin must of actually been.

So here I am today, trying out another new body lotion from my latest JolieBox and loving it just as much as Yves Rocher. It has a very similar smell and leaves my skin feeling that same fabulous, baby-soft texture. Nothing can beat it. It's like I have new skin every day that hasn't been exposed to the elements. The product isn't greasy, nor does it take a very long time to sink in. Therefore you get instant gratification - my favourite thing when it comes to beauty.

However there is a slight downfall with this product. Because it is Spanish, I believe there is limited/no availability of it in the UK. I actually haven't found a store in Britain where I can go and pick it up. This seems a little confusing to me as I'm sure I recognise the brand and packaging. If anyone does know of a place that sells Natural Honey, please let me know in the comments below. Until then, there are a few websites online where you can buy similar Natural Honey products. 

Did you receive this in your beauty box? What did you think? Leave your thoughts and comments below :)

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