Friday, 18 January 2013

January Birchbox!!

For those who don't know, JolieBox has now joined with Birchbox in the US and I for one couldn't be happier. I have admired the Birchboxes from afar since there initial inception. I wished that we could get it over here in the UK and now my wish has been granted. 

I can not believe that my box got delivered this morning! The snow is so bad that people are abandoning their cars and my dad who works 20-25 minutes away had a 2 hours journey home. The post men must be really dedicated. They should know that they made one beauty addict very happy this morning! 

Let's see what I got in my first beauty box of the year.


So far so good. I'm extremely happy with the look of everything in the box. There are some brands I recognise from previous beauty boxes, which gives me the confidence that I will like what I have received.


Fresh - Sugar Rose Lip Treatment - Beauty editors love this delicious treatment, which keeps lips flake-free and soft. Plus, there's built in SPF15.

Hello. Let me introduce myself.. I'm Helena, Lip Balm Enthusiast. I absolutely adore this lip treatment. The packaging is luxurious, the smell is gorgeous and the subtle and beautiful colour pay off is much more than I expected. It includes SPF and is over all the best of everything in one product. This could easily rival my favourite Blistex Relief Cream.


KMS California - Free Shape Quick Blow Dry Spray - Save precious time with this dual-phase mist: The top layer detangles and softens hair, while the bottom layer helps it dry faster.

I already own the full size version of this after exhausting the last sample I picked up in a beauty sale.  This is an amazing hair product and now I have a sample size to take on holiday with me in the summer. Happy me. Click here for my review.

Taaj - Creme Mains Delhicates Hand Cream - The latest French import to strike our fancy, this shea-enriched cream has a lovely cinnamon scent.

JolieBox introduced me to my Taaj Makeup Remover which I have now repurchased twice and love. Therefore when I saw I had another Taaj product which smelt of cinnamon (one of my favourite tastes and smells) I thought things couldn't get much better. Hopefully this is going to be an amazing hand cream. A review will follow.

Wei - Jujube age control serum - This light serum uses jujube extract and other Chinese herbs to calm redness and soften the look of fine lines.

Birchbox has conquered another classic problem of beauty boxes - anti-ageing products that I simply won't use. This appeals to me because it reduces redness which is a problem I suffer with. If it sorts out some subtle fine lines in the mean time then all the better!

Coloniali - Deep Body Massage Cream with Myrrh - Made with resin sourced from myrrh trees in North Africa, this will leave your skin feeling revitalised and velvety-smooth.

This seems like a really luxurious product. When it feels like a treat, you tend to enjoy it more. I am very much looking forward to trying this out whilst my boyfriend gives me a back massage :) Hidden advantages to being a beauty blogger :)

Teapigs - Peppermint, Chamomile or Superfruit - Your afternoon cuppa just got more exciting thanks to these yummy whole-leaf tea blends.

This is probably the only product I might not use. Even though I have said this, it still appeals to me in all the right ways. It is caffeine free which is a good start since I react badly to caffeine in tea. If it was one of the other flavours I think I would have enjoyed it. I have tried fruit tea in the past and didn't like it in the slightest. Having said this, I guess I could try it. I don't have anything to lose!

So there we have it! The first Birchbox of this year and over all I am a happy chappy. Lets hope that we start as we mean to continue :)

If you received this beauty box, please leave your comments and thoughts below.


  1. Great review. It will be interesting to see what products are inside next month!

    1. Indeed it will. I'm excited for it already! xxo

  2. This is such a good box!! Dying to try the Fresh Lip Treatment! xx

    1. It's literally amazing - both the box and the lip treatment xxo

  3. My mum got one of the lip treatments when we were in NY and she absolutely adores it! xx

    1. Hehe, you should of got one too hun. They're seriously lush! xxo

  4. I really like I Coloniali - gutted I didn't get this sample :( xx

    1. Oh I thought everyone got this. What did you get instead? xxo

    2. Oh you didn't get anything else did you. How strange! Was it on your card with the descriptions? xxo


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