Monday, 21 January 2013

DiorSkin Nude Skin Glowing Makeup

I realise that my friend Becky has already done a post about this foundation on my blog. However, when I received a sample of it in my magazine I figured it was worth a review from my point of view. After all, she has normal/dry skin and I have oily/combo so it could work very differently for the both of us.

Launched in August last year, this product was aimed to be a great lightweight foundation. Whilst having all the properties of being lightweight, it was still trying to give the good medium-high coverage that some of us really need. This is what pulled me in to try it - that and the fact that it's Dior and I'm a sucker like that.

The first thing to note was that the sample came in a decent shade. Light Beige turns out to be the colour I would be matched with which is perfect! Usually these samples are miles too dark and make me look orange. I normally have to try them out when I'm staying in for the whole day so people don't think I've been tangoed. And I can only really get a feel for how the foundation controls my skin's oiliness rather than what sort of coverage it gives me and if it looks flawless or not.

I apply this foundation with my Sigma F80 brush. I tend to use this brush for liquid foundations as I feel that it is better to buff the foundation into the skin rather than paint it on with a foundation brush. The normal Mac 187 that I use for my cream to powder foundation would be ok at a push. But realistically it's no where near dense enough in my eyes and the fibres are miles to long to get some concentrated precision with it. Don't get me wrong, it works marvellously with my trusty Studio Fix Powder Plus foundation and I would never reach for another brush. But in this circumstance, Sigma trumps Mac.

This may seem like an odd picture to show you the foundation on my skin but I'm generally not that amazing at getting a decent photo so please do excuse me. Plus I feel that this is a great representation of the foundation as it's up close and does show you what I really love about this makeup - that it's flawless.

I can't tell you how quickly I fell in love with this foundation. It is absolutely stunning and it makes my skin look great! Immediately my skin started to look immaculate and because it's so lightweight, you could still see the freckles and textures of my skin underneath coming through. I think this is a great testimony to this foundation as it makes you look so natural. It almost looks like a second layer of skin. For a girl that uses foundation to make her feel a little bit more confident, this definitely does the job. Yes it's expensive at £31 for 30ml but if it gives me the feeling I feel then it's worth it. You can actually purchase it for around £26 from Escentuals which is the official online Dior stockist. Why not? Save yourself a bit of money.

But here we have it.. This whole review was meant to tell you if I thought it was suitable for oily skin and not if the coverage and look of it was great. So let me put this to you quickly, as it pains me to say it... After about 6-8 hours of wearing this foundation my skin does get extremely oily. The foundation doesn't absorb anything really so I need to use my Mac Blot film immediately at this time. What's cheeky is that after the oil has been blotted you are left with the picture above - beautiful flawless skin. From that moment on you start to fall in love with it all over again and it's a cycle of love and hate and wishing that the oil was controlled a little better.

Yes I could just blot throughout the day but I'm lazy. I find it annoying to do so when I know that I wouldn't have to if I used a different product. Therefore my conclusion is that I probably wouldn't wear this as an everyday foundation. I would purchase it and use it on occasions where photos were being taken and I wanted a little extra coverage but otherwise it doesn't seem practical. I also worry how well this foundation would stay on my skin during the hot summer months. Would it just look greasy and melt off straight away? Who knows. I tried to set it with a powder the second time I tried it but it simply made no difference. What a shame :(

What would you do if you were in my position? Would you wear it and blot or just keep it for special occasions. Leave your comments below :)


  1. I've not tried much from Dior before but they're products always look gorgeous!

    Zoe | x

    1. I've tried this and the Creme de Rose Lip Balm. Both of which I really love. And their packaging is gorrrrgeous! xxo

  2. I think i would wear it and blot, no matter what foundation and primer i use im forever blotting my skin as its so oily! I do really like Dior products though :) x

    1. Ah fair enough. Thing is if I use my mac foundation I don't need to blot at all.. So it's a fight for me between pros and cons. xxo

  3. Thanks for the review. I also have a sample, but I did not try .

    Come to me :)


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