Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant and Precleanse

I don't think I have ever tried any Dermalogica products before. If I have, I don't recall them. So, it is lucky for me that I received this Daily Microfoliant set* from Liberty in the post to try! I tend to get a lot of skincare items, whether it be through beauty boxes, my own purchases or a PR company sending me some. I enjoy trying them all out and finding something that I perhaps wouldn't have tried otherwise but works extremely well for me.

My only rule for skincare is that I should realistically use it for around a month to find out if it works well for me. I believe that my skin hasn't gone through it's cycle and may still be affected by a product before hand until this time is up. I like to be able to give a fair and honest review of the new product I try, so I find it's best to give it a while :) I have been using these products for just under 3 weeks and feel that I have got a good feel for them now. I was previously using my standard skincare wash so I don't feel to worried about working through the effects of a previous face wasih.

So here we are. I am excited to review two of the three products in this set. I will reveal why I haven't used the third product last.

First off I have the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant. I also have tester samples of the Precleanse Solution and Gentle Cream Microfoliant Mask. All of these come in very simple white and grey plastic packaging which wouldn't jump out at me if I saw it on a shelf. However I like that it is simple because it makes me feel like the product doesn't have any added extra chemicals and colours in it, which it doesn't :)

The first product I tried was the Daily Microfoliant. I originally thought that this would be a normal cream/gel/liquid but it turns out to be a powder! Yeah, that was a new one on me too. It actually made the process even more intriguing as it was unlike any other skincare product I had ever used before. The rice-based powder aims to exfoliate and brighten your skin.

All you need to do is wet your hands, and then tap roughly half a tea spoon of the powder out of the bottle. I always find it hard to judge amounts so I used this much or sometimes slightly more.

Then you wet your other hand and massage the two together to make a white paste as shown above. The next stage is to massage this paste onto your face in circular motions for around a minute. After this, you simply rinse it off your face with warm water and dry. Voila.

The first thing I noticed about this product was how huge the bottle is! You get so much product for your money which I think is great. And because you are using such a little amount at a time, it really does mean that this will last you a very long while. I really appreciate the fact that you get your moneys worth. I hate when some brands try to rip you off with giving you tiny bottle that is half full.

The next thing I noticed was unfortunately the smell. I'm sorry but I really don't think it smells at all pleasant. Thankfully the scent didn't linger very long so I would just grin and bare it. As soon as you start massaging the paste onto your skin, you feel the little beads that help exfoliate. These soon turn to nothing and you are left with a smooth paste. When you get to the 40 seconds mark it starts to get a little tough to rub the paste in any longer. It dries up on your skin. When I find that this happens I tend to just wash the remaining product off.

This is when I realise that I'm left with really gorgeous, soft and radiant skin. I was really pleased with the effect this product achieved and actually looked forward to my skincare routine. However, after a week or so my skin started to dry out a little on my cheeks and chin. I have oily skin but recently I have found that new skincare items can make this happen. This is when I grab my trusty Mac Moisturiser and after apply this there is no problem at all.

I would say that this product helped clear my skin a little but it doesn't work as well as other face exfoliants that I have been using for years. I think that if my skin didn't dry out so much and the smell wasn't so promanent it wouldn't be a problem.

After using the Daily Mircofoliant on it's own, I thought I might give this a go to help with the dryness that was occurring. Before having this product I would have never dreamt of using anything like this before on my skin. This is essentially an oil-based makeup remover. As you know I have oily skin and the thought of putting more oil onto my skin was absurd. However I thought that it was worth giving it a go, so here we are with the Dermalogica Precleanse.

You aren't actually told how much to use. Therefore I would use anything between 5 and 7 droplets. The bottle has a tiny whole at the top where you can shake the bottle and product will come out. I'm pleased so far with how hygienic the packaging is.

At this stage I would rub my hands together and then smooth the oil onto my dry face, over my makeup. This process actually felt really nice. It didn't feel to greasy at all which I was surprised with but it also didn't look like it was removing much makeup so I was very skeptical.

Once the oil is applied, you wet your hands and smooth them over your face again which creates a milky texture with the oil. Once your happy you have removed all your makeup you simply rinse your face with warm water and then blot dry. It is recommended that you follow this product with the Demalogica Cleanser but since I didn't have this, I just used the Microfoliant instead.

I am absolutely amazed and overwhelmed by how brilliant this product actually is. I can not believe that it actually removed every single trace of makeup I had on without me even noticing!

When I washed off the oil, my face felt clean and fresh. There was no oily residue left behind and my skin was radiant. I actually tried using my trusty Taaj Makeup Remover afterwards with a cotton pad to see if the makeup actually had all come off. To my utter surprise there wasn't a single drop of makeup left on the pad! I think this was the moment where precleanse and I fell in love. I can not believe how night after night my skin was clear and fresh. And oil on oily skin??? Apparently it's a magical combination.

Would I repurchase this product? Most definitely! I'm so happy I've been introduced to this and I'm glad that I wasn't to scared to try it out in the first place. I would have been missing out on something brilliant!

So last but not least we have the product that I didn't try - the Gentle Cream Exfoliant Mask. This product aims to exfoliate and retexturiser your skin for extreme smoothness. All you do is use it 2-3 times a week for 10-15 minutes each time, alternating with the Daily Microfoliant.

What put me off using this was that on the bottle it says it can make your skin very sensitive. It tells you to try and stay out of sunlight for a week after using this product which sent alarm bells ringing in my head. I might give this a go at some point, just to find out what it's like but it seems a little harsh to me if I need to avoid sunlight for a week. Who knows... I shall put a separate review up of this in future if I decide to try it.

So there we have it :) I am very happy to have been able to try these great Dermalogica products. They were both amazing in their own ways and I have found another makeup remover that I will love for a long time to come. I can't ask for a lot more than that.

If you have tried any of these products, or indeed any other products by Dermalogica, please leave your comments below. I love to hear other peoples opinions on skincare and how it works for them. After all, everyone is an individual and skincare is very personal. What doesn't work for one person might work wonders for another.

If you are interested in other beauty gift sets that Liberty have, you can check them out on their website. They also have some other lovely skincare brands which I am dying to try out :) 


  1. The powder looks very interesting! Thanks for the review, always loved Dermalogica products (:
    Fashion Ganache

    1. It's definitely something i haven't seen before. No probelm. Glad it helped xxo

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. you should really try the cream exfoliant. its pretty good. i think you just have to wear sunscreen and it'll be fine...it has ahas and lactic acid that's why it makes your skin sensitive to the sun...but if you wear a sunscreen of at least spf 30, then it's okay. :)


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