Saturday, 12 January 2013

Book Worm #11 - Forbidden by Tabitha Sazuma

The Book Worms are really spilling out at a crazy rate at the moment. I have suddenly got really excited about reading again. Especially now that I have my Kindle Fire. Pushing the 50 Shades books to one side was the best thing I could of done because then I discovered the Delirium books which are amazing.

This is the last paperback book I had. I wanted to finish all my books before downloading anything new onto my kindle. I was recommended this book by Tracy - one of my readers. After checking it out briefly on Amazon I figured it was worth a shot so I bought it there and then.

I will admit now that it probably wouldn't be everyones cup of tea. I didn't enjoy it nearly as much as I thought I would. The plot line wasn't completely to my taste but it was an interesting read nevertheless. Here's a blurb to give you a little idea about it...

Maya and Lochan are just two teenagers, trying to live a normal life. The problem is, nothing about their life is normal. Aged just 16 and 17, they already have 3 other children to look after whilst their alcoholic mum frolics with her lowlife boyfriend. Life becomes a struggle and both characters have their own hurdles to overcome. Little did they know that the biggest hurdle of all was heading there way. They're each others hope, lifeline and support. They're best friends. But is that all? What do you do when you realise you've fallen in love with your sibling?

I felt that the storyline was a little repetitive. Although it was interesting to read about how the family dealt with the situation they were in, some details were very monotonous. I found the story was touching at times. The youngest sibling, Willa, pulls on your heart strings and really makes you feel for the family. However I found it challenging to relate too. It made for unique reading material but just wasn't my cup of tea unfortunately. I just felt that there wasn't enough to get my teeth into, without giving too much away (in case you want to read it yourself).

I want to say a huge thanks to Tracy for recommending this book to me. I love it when readers drop me a comment to let me know what I should be reading next. It feels like I am reading it with you and I can talk to you, my friends, about what I thought of it after. If you have any recommendations for books, please leave them in the comments below.

So far I have started a new book called Matched. If all goes well, a review will be up soon :) Until then, talk to you tomorrow :)

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