Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Book Worm #10 - Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver

I know it has been less than a week since I finished the first book in this series (Delirium) and now I have finished the second one already. What can I say? These books are literally addictive. They are such a good read. I'm actually disappointed that I have to start a new book until the final book of this series comes out in March. I want to be guaranteed a good read, which I know these books are. However I have decided to read a book called Forgiven which was recommended to me by Tracy Hodgson, who commented on one of my Book Worm posts a while back. All shall be revealed when I finish that one.

But back to Pandemonium... Yet another brilliant book with yet another cliffhanger. I warn you that if you haven't read the first in this series, this review might contain spoilers so you may want to stop reading now. But if you have read the first one, here is an insight into the second.

Lena made it into the wilds - one thing is for sure. Raven, another uncured takes Lena under her wing and nurses her back to health. She is  quick to learn the ways of surviving without the 'protection' she is used to in Portland though Lena isn't too sure if she wants to survive at all without Alex. However her mind becomes set. She will do it for Alex - because this is the life he wanted her to lead. Soon she becomes part of the resistance like Alex himself. But it's a question of who she can trust and what to believe that gets Lena on the run again and making decisions about what is right or wrong, and who she really wants to be.

What's different about this second book compared to the first is that it is written in two stages - now and then. The chapters are split between these two stages so that you have a follow on from the previous book and then a skip to the present and what predicament she is in now. To start with I thought this would be really annoying. I usually liked one stage more than the other but they both became great stories and I couldn't wait for the next stage of either. This may sound a bit confusing but Lauren does it in a clever way that makes you want to read on more so than if there was just one story to follow. It's like reading the second and third book all in one, with a fourth still to come if that makes sense.

I can't stress enough how amazing these two books have been and how I really do feel that you should read them. I haven't heard one bad word uttered about them and am excited to see if the book progresses to film like there is talk of it doing.

If you have any suggestions for other books I may enjoy please do leave them in the comments below as I love checking them out. Who knows, your book might be my next Book Worm post.

Until then...

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