Friday, 11 January 2013

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Shine Deep Treatment

I got this sachet in my Cosmopolitan this month. I was instantly excited to try it as I have tested many Aussie products in the past which I have liked. I also use Aussie Take The Heat spray on a regular basis and always get compliments on how nice my hair smells. If there is one thing that I wish my hair was more of, it would be shiny. It's quite thick which makes it reasonably voluminous and it is in reasonably good condition because I always try my best to protect it and get it cut at 6 week intervals. Therefore the shine factor is the only quality I wish my hair had more of. This product claims to help with that so it's a winner in my eyes.

When I tried it out, I instantly fell in love with the smell. I could literally sit and smell ths all day. It is a-maz-ing. There isn't a hair product which I own that smells better than this. It almost reminds me of candy floss. The smell lingers in your hair as well which makes me really happy. I love getting the occasional waft :P After 3 minutes you rinse this out like a conditioner and then dry your hair. Another thing that is great about this treatment is that it makes my hair extremely soft. It lays beautifully and is easy to manage which is an extra bonus!

But what about the final and most important quality - shine? Well, it does make my hair shiny but not massively. There is a subtle shimmer there but nothing compared to how glossy my hair looked after using the Perfectly Pampered Spa Hair Mask. This is a little disappointing as over all it is meant to be used for a shine boost and is not targeted for making your hair more manageable and smell great.

Would I buy this again? Well, I would buy it for the smell... but that is about it unfortunately. I wouldn't buy this to make my hair shiny but it was a really nice product to try out and use. Maybe I needed to use more of the product because my hair is so thick. It may work out better for people with slightly thinner locks. If you have given this product a go and loved it, please leave a comment below.




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  2. I've got quite thin hair and Aussie products have always worked wonders for me. Saying that though, i haven't used anything by them in a while!
    Zoe |

    1. Aussie products have always worked well for me too.. Just this product didn't seem to work so well. Though it smells amazing!!!!! xxo


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