Tuesday, 18 December 2012

JolieBox Review - Manucure Absolue Moisturising Regenerating Cream

I must first and foremost admit that I didn't think much of this product when I saw it in my JolieBox. I am a terrible judge-by-packaging beauty blogger. If it doesn't look pretty, I've never heard of it before, and there isn't much of a sample to try, you can guarantee that I will probably be anti until I find out more. In my defence, I generally do go on to try it and then make an informed decision on whether I like the product or not.

So in my process of trying this product, I learnt a few things. The first thing was how this product can take me back to my childhood. Let me explain.

When I first ripped the packet open and squeezed a bit onto the palm of my hand, I got a little concerned with how runny it was. In my eyes, if it's runny its a lotion and if it's thick its a cream. However I have been receiving a lot of runny creams recently. I don't know if I'm just behind and the status of a cream has changed. Who knows. So I massaged this 'cream' into my hands and BOOM. I was hit in the face by the scent of lemon hand wipes. You know those packets you got in restaurants when you were a kid and had been eating sticky BBQ ribs? Those magic little towels had you clean in seconds whilst making you smell lemony fresh. I loved those things and used to collect them - because I was a cool kid! This hand cream smells exactly like those wipes.

The second thing I learnt about this product was how amazing it is regardless of its dull tester packaging.

After rubbing the cream in, my hands felt soft and supple without feeling greasy. And what's really impressive is that the moisture lasted for days! It took me at least two days before I reached for this packet again to try some more.

This brings me on to the third thing I learnt about this product - there was plenty to test. Even tho I still prefer my testers in a tube or tub, there was sufficient amount of product for me to make my decision.

So, lessons I've learnt:
1) Don't judge a product by it's cover
2) Stop hoarding Lemon Wipes - this hand cream is much more appropriate
3) Testers are testers in any shape or form.

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