Sunday, 23 December 2012

December JolieBox!

(1) BellaPierre - Shimmer Powder - A perfect pot of sparkles for accentuated eyes that dazzle!

My Opinion - I'm sure this is a great product but I don't actually wear eyeshadow. I can't remember the last time I actually bought one with my own money. This is a bit of a miss product for me but that doesn't mean that it wouldn't be a great product to receive. However my JolieBox Beauty Profile would probably reflect that I don't use items like this so it's a bit annoying that I received it. There are a few other products like this below.

(2) Dr Duve - Hand and Decollete Cream - A nourishing blend of clever ingredients including plant-based lipids and hyaluronic acid to minimise fine lines and provide long-lasting moisture.

My Opinion - Exhibit B. Again, this is probably a great product but I'm not quite at that age where I need anti-ageing yet. I'll probably give this a try for the means of a moisturising hand cream but will probably give the other sachet to someone else who it may suit better.

(3) I love... Cosmetics - Shimmer and Shine Lip Gloss - A shimmery lip gloss with strong staying power to outlast a night on the dance floor

My Opinion - Exhibit C. I don't wear sticky lip glosses either. Eyeshadow and jelly tubes like this are probably the only beauty products I wouldn't use. Having said this, I like the brand. I have smelt some of their bath products before and they're amazing so I'm sure this smells just the same. I will probably give this away though.

(4) Agua De Colonia Concentrada - Alvarez Gomez - A renowned crowd-pleaser for European ladies and gents alike! This is the oldest Spanish perfume, a perfect blend evoking lemon, thyme, lavender, eucalyptus, geranium and rosemary aromas.

My Opinion - I love perfumes but this is a no for me. It smells like something I would rub on my turkey this Christmas. It literally smells like a bunch of herbs which isn't exactly my desired scent. However, what one doesn't like, another may love.

(5) Colour Club - Put A Pin In It Nail Polish - A spectacular shade designed exclusively for our members! Paint your fingers and toes with this social-media inspired polish.

My Opinion - I have had so much polish recently, with the Ciate Mini Mani Month Advent Calender. Luckily I didn't receive a colour quite like this so I'm very excited to give this a try. No doubt a NOTD will be coming very shortly as this is a great colour for the festive season.

(6) Olay - Regenerist Skin Cream - With over 50 years of research, this point blend of amino-peptides and marine proteins provides the skin with long-lasting hydration and anti-ageing benefits.

My Opinion - Exhibit D. Another anti-ageing product that I don't really need at my age. However, I'm happy that its such a recognisable brand. I know that my aunt loves using this so it will go to great use.

(7) Natural Honey - Body Milk - A deeply nourishing moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated and sweet-smelling.

My Opinion - This smells lovely. I've found a new love for moisturisers recently so I'm really excited about trying this out. A review will definitely be coming soon.

Over all, this unfortunately hasn't really been the box for me. I have had a few recently that I haven't loved that much. I used to get great use out of everything in the box but it's gone a little down hill in my eyes. I'm hoping that when the Birchbox collaboration finally kicks in next year, a few better boxes will come.

For enlarged pictures of all products and the complimentary chocolate (yum!), look below!

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