Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Ciaté Advent Calender - Door 5

We are on a roll with different coloured polishes now. I thought that we were going to see a row of pinks but today I revealed a gorgeous, deep purple called Cabaret. This is such an easy colour to wear and is perfect for the winter months.

The lovely quote by Coco Chanel is today's motto. Wearing this colour is classy and will make you feel fabulous. I can imagine that if we painted Door 3's polish over the top of this purple, it would make it really pop and give you an
'ice queen' look.

Does anyone want to have a guess at what tomorrow's colour will be like? Maybe it will be one of those shocker colours like the orange I was talking to you about before. It's only a couple of days til my birthday too so I hope there is a gorgeous colour behind door number 7!

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