Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Ciaté Advent Calender - Door 4

Well hello to Prom Queen, the first of the micro pearls in my Ciaté advent calender. I already have the Mother of Pearl white version of this so it's amazing to get the chance to try out a colour version. I think it looks absolutely stunning. I love it! I decided to paint my nails white and then pop the pearls on top to give them a real chance to shine themselves. This is a little bit of a messy swatch because I was in a rush so please do excuse that.

There are now velvet and sequin versions of these which I am dying to try. I'm secretly hoping that one of the mystery polishes is one of these versions. That would be absolutely amazing. Fingers crossed.

Have you tried any of the above? Let me know in the comments below, along with whichever polish you have liked the most so far. I'd love to hear your comments!


  1. Wow! I love the look of the beaded manicure .. I'm just not sure if I have the patience to sit and do it!



    1. It's really easy and quick to do hun. The thing that takes the longest is painting two coats but you have to do that regardless anyways usually :) xxo


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