Sunday, 2 December 2012

Ciaté Advent Calender - Door 2

Hey girls and welcome to door 2 of my Ciaté Advent Calender. Today I revealed a deeper red/pink polish called Dangerous Affair. This looks absolutely stunning and really festive. It is perfect for this time of year and therefore I feel that it is a perfect addition to this advent calender.

As you may have realised, I am painting the nail wheel every day instead of my own. I feel that if I did my own nails every day they would get in really bad condition from all of the remover, so I have decided to do it this way. I hope you all don't mind. When it comes to doing the micropearls I will apply them to my own so you get a better idea of what they will look like. I have also started numbering them by door so if you can see a faint mark on the nail, it is because I have written the number on the back.

As for Ciaté's fact of the day, yes I can believe that there are so many nail art tutorials on Youtube. Youtube is such a great place for beauty and the community on there is huge. I have always thought about starting up my own channel but am more of a writer and feel a lot more comfortable about blogging. Do any of you feel the same?

If you have bought a beauty calender, leave the link to your blog in the comments below and we can all  go and check it out. I would love to see what everyone is getting from the wide variety of calenders that are out this year.

And finally, let me know if you would like this to be my only post each day or if you would rather I post about something else as well. I have had one vote for this being my post each day and would love some other opinions :)


  1. I wish I'd have gotten my hands on this advent calendar! Lovely colours so far!


    1. Go get one! There is probably a few still left :) It's so much fun xxo

  2. I like posting each day if you have the time! It's cute to see and it's nice to follow along with someone for those of us who didn't get any calendars this year!

    1. I'll definitely post about it every day! You have my word :) xxo


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