Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Ciaté Advent Calender - Door 18

Another one of the Caviar Manicures came out of the calender today. Candy Shop is made up of turquoise, pink and orange balls. It wasn't my favourite in the bottle but I think it looks much nicer on the nail - as most things do. What I did notice was that when I washed my hands, the water really made the colour come out of the pearls. I don't mean the colour was washed away, but that it looked even more vibrant and pretty. I really do think this is a fun, festive, young look to wear this season. It's like wearing fairy lights on your nails :)

I used yesterday's navy polish (#navygate) as the base coat and that worked out lovely. No complaints so far. I am still absolutely loving getting a new polish every day and it's really given Christmas a fresh feeling. Mind you, I still get excited about the chocolate advent calender too!

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