Thursday, 13 December 2012

Ciaté Advent Calender - Door 13

Huston, we have a new colour!! Today I revealed Glass Slipper - an exclusive polish to the Mini Mani Month Calender! This blue glitter polish is really pretty. I can imagine it looking amazing over white nails with some black snowflakes painted on with a nail art pen. It reminds me of the cold and gives the nails an icy feel whilst still looking utterly stunning.

I can't imagine wearing this all the time but it's still a great one to whack out during the holidays. I'm now really excited to find out what the other exclusive polishes will be. Hopefully there are some solid colours along with the glitters, that are perhaps a little easier to wear the whole year through.


  1. This is a lovely colour, really wish I'd bought one of these calendars :(

    1. Aww hun! There's always next year :) and this way if u like any of the colours you can buy specific ones and not have the ones u dont like so much xxo


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