Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Ciaté Advent Calender - Door 11

Today I revealed the second micropearls pot! Bubble Bee is exactly what you would expect - yellow and black. I thought that I would really hate it but I actually don't mind it so much. It actually looks a lot nicer on the nails. It's quite intriguing every single time I catch a glimpse of it in the corner of my eye.

I used the Ladylike Luxe polish from yesterday as the base coat because I thought that gold would go quite nicely with the colour theme. I wasn't sure if the glitter polish would provide a good base for the pearls to stick too but it seems to have worked out fine. However, I did find out another interesting fact about using this product which I believe will be useful to share. It may be common sense to the majority but it didn't register in my mind til it was happening.

Usually when I use the pearls I collect the excess in a plastic tray so that I can funnel it back into the pot. I tend to use the one that came with my mother of pearl set but today I couldn't be bothered to dig it out, so I just used a china ramekin instead. This has to be the single stupidest idea ever. As soon as I started to pour the pearls over my nail, they hit the bottom of the ramekin and pinged off the bottom, flying every which way imaginable. There are currently little beads laying all over my coffee table and I haven't thought of the quickest solution to get them all back into the pot yet. So yeah, little heads up there!

See you tomorrow!


  1. I'm yet to try the beaded manicure! I don't know if I'd have the patience to do it on all my nails! Haha.



    1. They're really simple.. Takes like 2 minutes! Give it a go xxo


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