Monday, 19 November 2012

Roger & Gallet Bois D'Orange Body Lotion


I have done quite a few reviews on the Roger & Gallet brand now so I image everyone is getting very familiar with it. I am sure you have also noticed that I tend to go for the orange scented products (bar that amazing rose perfume!) So yes, yet again we have another orange skincare product. If I haven't convinced you that you need to go and smell this scent already, hopefully this will.

The Bois D'Orange Body Lotion* is pretty much what is say on the tin. One thing I would mention is that it is seriously fragrant. If you don't like lotions with a lingering smell, this is not for you. However it does mellow thorough out the day and this is such a nice scent that I can't see a problem with it myself.

I don't tend to have dry skin, but I can tell the difference if I have bothered to take the time and moisturise. When I use this, my skin feels supple and soft. It lasts about a day and then I have to moisturise again. Therefore I wouldn't say it is the longest lasting product in the world but it's such a pleasure to use that I don't mind redoing it.

It is quite thick for a lotion. I would consider it to be more of a cream consistency. It definitely feels like a luxurious product which is nice because everyone likes to feel pampered.

At  roughly £10.80 per 200ml bottle, it isn't overly expensive. That amount would last you a while so I feel that this is quite an affordable product for most people.

If you're in the market to try something new but want to feel confident that you are getting something great, this is a safe pick. Try it for yourself and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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