Sunday, 11 November 2012

Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence Spray


I am back again with another item from that amazing beauty sale! Here we have a brand that I have wanted to try for months. Ever since I heard of the Elasticizer and how amazing that was meant to be, I decided I was more than happy to try any Philip Kingsley product I could get my hands on. It so happens that I got both the Elasticizer and this spray in the beauty sale, so it couldn't of worked out any better.

If I didn't already have knowledge that this brand is amazing, I wouldn't have thought so from the packaging. This has to be the most unimaginative design I could possibly think of. It definitely doesn't reach out at me in my hair products draw (yes, I have one of those). Nor do I feel it would on the shelf. Having said that, it is amazing - absolutely to die for. 

I can not get over how fine the spray is on this. It is fabulous for both thick and thin hair as you can get a perfect, even coverage of your locks without using too much. All that's required is a few extra spritzes for thicker hair like mine. You apply this to towel-dryed hair and then simply blow dry as usual. It protects your hair from heat and breakage, whilst conditioning it at the same time. In this sense it reminds me a little of the KMS Quick Blow Dry spray I reviewed earlier last week. On comparison of the two, I would probably say I prefer KMS against this product but they are both pretty amazing!

Your hair is left feeling smooth, soft and fully protected. What more could you ask from a spray. At £22 it is considerably more expensive than that of KMS. However this bottle contains slightly more product at 250ml instead of 200ml. If you are asking me which one I would chose, it would be KMS but that does by no means state that this product isn't worth trying out also.

I have a massive draw full of hair products so if I ever do a clear out, this might go in the beauty sale for you to try :) Keep your eyes peeled. As for beauty sales, there is one live on my blog right now! Click here to shop :)

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